Why I Love Being Single

Hello readers! I felt so awkward going through my page and writing here, like this is not my writing platform >.<. Years has passed..many things happened, I have aged passing the thirties and I have changed a lot. I am still not married, not engaged and still not planning to get married. But I am definitely happy being single. 


When I look back the past, I knew it would have been better if I have a partner to take me out, to ask how’s my day, and to have someone to make me smile. I’ve been at the stage where I went out with guys, making future plans but…it never work out.  

Years ago I kept wondering just why my jodoh isn’t here yet, why the guys I met is below my expectations. When I thought I have found ‘the one’, he is just not interested or he found someone better than me. I have been there, sobbing and questioning my life. “Why am I so unlucky?”. But that phase has passed. Right now I am embracing the life I have right now.

Everyday is better without any drama or argument on the relationship. My heart is at peace. Though sometimes I felt a little bit awkward when I came alone to a friend wedding. Because the reality is, most of your school friends, collage friends and officemates will have their partner or family by this age.

I am definitely happy being single

Being a Single, it is still easier to make your plan. Why I said so?

  • It’s easy to travel, mention the date and I’ll be planning my holidays.
  • I can do whatever I want, buy anything that I want. I can manage my finance better. I track my finance and plan where my money goes. My future self will thank me later.
  • I get to choose the food to eat, the place to stay. And staying alone isn’t that bad. It is way much better honestly.
  • I get to build my career. Because this is the age where you have to show your worth (in terms of time management, I will definitely have the time to learn and choose my job).
  • I get to spend time on hobbies. I get to read books and listen to great podcast. Life wouldn’t be boring as some people said so.
  • I learn about life from others. I can sense the red flags because I have seen and read a lot in the internet. I also learn from others mistakes. 
  • I have my alone time at home. Everytime when I felt down about something in the office, I can always have the self care time at home without anyone interrupting.
  • I learnt a lot about surviving. Nothing beats the fact that you did it by yourself. I became independent. Everything is a learning process and later you never know you have become an expert.


See..that was not bad right. Don’t be afraid to live alone. It’s totally okay to be single in your 30s. Your friends will stay with you. At this age, only true friend will understand your need. Without forcing you to find a husband. You don’t have to rush. Enjoy the moment.


Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana