Book Review – Siege and Storm

Book Review – Siege and Storm

Hello y’all, let’s get straight to the point shall we? I am here to review a book by Leigh Bardugo – Siege and Storm. This is the second book from the Shadow and Bones trilogy.


Before we move to the review, let’s just recap the first book of the trilogy.


Shadow and Bone

I pick up this book because there’s a lot of readers suggesting this as this series is already on Netflix and of course I’m going to read the book first. So I read the book, gave it a 4 stars, the Grishaverse world is fantastic. I need to know more about Alina and her power and the whole dark magic. So why not buy the whole Grishaverse books before we watch the Netflix series teeheee.


Book Review
Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
Rating : 5/5 stars


𐐪𐑂 Short Summary 𐐪𐑂
Alina journey continues as the Sun Summoner – with Mal to start a new life but then she met ✨Sturmhond✨. More adventure and magic reveals. Then, of course The Darkling has to be there plotting a dangerous plans. She then return to the country she abandoned with ✨new characters✨ and fight.


Book Review – Siege and Storm


𐐪𐑂 What I like 𐐪𐑂
⁃ When Nikolai appeared, he is such a mood changer. Being that charismatic, his thinking are fast I just — and he’s handsome plus he is a PRINCE *chef kiss*
⁃ Tomar and Tolya are so suspicious and there’s Zoya (I love her)
⁃ Alina’s bond with the Darkling become stronger
⁃ The plot is so fast, a bit slow on the first few chapters but we get to know more about the magic or whatever dark magic there is


𐐪𐑂 Overall thoughts 𐐪𐑂
⁃ I love how Alina becoming much stronger than the first book, she knew what she needs to do to save her people as well as digging the secret of the magic she have. The finale and the event before it keeps me hooked, the plot are very well written for me to keep on reading. I am curious to know how its going to end in Ruin and Rising, will the Darkling and Nikolai meet?. I love how powerful the Darkling in the first book, I kinda want him more.



“There are no other like us, Alina. he whispered, And there never be”


I finished this pretty fast, though I am far behind my August TBR schedule. I hope you like my reviews.


Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana