I Made a Youtube Channel

Greetings dear Blog Readers!

Gah…reading the title, Yes I made a Youtube Channel. And I have a video I just uploaded and share a few minutes ago. 

I don’t know where did the idea come from, where did I find the courage to upload on Youtube. But then..early this week I just recorded few clips while I’m working and edited the video this morning. I made everything without thinking too much, so much like me, I don’t make the time, I don’t plan. I just did when I feel to. 

This video is just something I want to play around with the Video app I have on my phone. Why not use the app right? I feel like I need an activity I want to make while I’m not working since I can’t go around to mall with my friend now. Going to mall is so leceh now that we have to write down or get our identity scan before entering any shop. So ‘mafan’ ok tchh ok no, we should have the same thought now. Don’t go out if you have unnecessary things to do or buy. Please stay at home.

Are you at home now? If yes….

You can watch my video now, haha. Sorry for the thumbnail…I just don’t know how to change it. I found the thumbnail option, but I can’t upload one. This is something I need to learn later after this because all the auto-generated thumbnails don’t really meet the video title..this one I choose is just..okay. Than the others. 

The video quality may not be good..maybe I need to change the video resolutions / quality on my phone. Also I need to work on my video description, the tags, my comment section why is it turn off? and other details. But the most important thing is..I do have 2 songs as my background music in the video. How do I get it copyrighted? I don’t plan to get my video monetize. Again..more things to read and learn. It’s okay since I am so free at the moment. 

That’s all from me. Another ‘social’ thing added besides having Tik Tok account last 3 months ago. 

Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana