South Korea Trip 2016 Day 8 – Gamcheon Culture Village, Taejongdae Resort Park

Another exciting places we have visited in Busan. Starting the day to the colourful Gamcheon Culture Village, the ever so adventurous Taejongdae Park and the famous Jagalchi Market.

Another exciting places we have visited in Busan. Starting the day to the colourful Gamcheon Culture Village, the ever so adventurous Taejongdae Park and the famous Jagalchi Market. Let’s go!



The next day after the good rest we are so excited to visit the colourful Gamcheon Culture Village. This place was so beautiful and I love the view from the top! This place is formed by houses built in staircase-fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain, earning this village the nickname of “Machu Picchu of Busan.”

Direction to Gamcheon Culture Village – By subway to Toseongdong Stn Line 1 exit#6. Then take bus 2 or 2-2.

You can buy the map to find the special places in this village and get a stamp at the signature places. You can try to find the “hidden” places yourself but I bet you it won’t be that easy. We used the map and we got lost too. We spend almost 3 hours here and enjoying ourselves taking photos.

Love the view on the rooftop here. So picturesque!

I love this colourful wall art street

Along the walking journey of uphill and downhill on this place, there are quite number of cafés you can try out. There are also photo booths so don’t forget to try that too.

See the uphill road here? Tiring but enjoyable


The next place we went is probably the best places I have been so far. Featuring its highest peak at 250 meters, there are forests of pine trees and 200 other varieties of trees. Taejongdae Resort Park is especially famous for its rock beach.

Directions to Taejongdae Resort Park – By subway to Nampo Stn Line 1 exit#6, then take bus 8 or 30

Danubi Train Course:
Platform→ Taejongsa Temple →Observatory →Yeongdo Lighthouse → Gumyeongsa Temple → Taewon Jagal Madang → Platform

You can walk to get to the top, but thankfully they have this train so we can save the energy to hike to the top

Tiring but worth it!

Upon arriving here, you will have to take the Danubi train Course (Duration: about 40min). The train have few stops. We stopped at Taejongsa Temple, Yeongdo Lighthouse and the Observatory. At Yeongdo Lighthouse, it has the best view from the top and the beautiful Oryukdo Island. Although throughout climbing the stairs was tiring but it soon pays off. I don’t regret walking and climbing the stairs, and also walking along the rocks so that I get the best views.

Under the lighthouse of this resort is a rock called Sinseon Rock, named after the myth that gods and goddesses came down here to relax. At this rock is a figure called Mangbuseok, named after the story of a woman who waited for her husband who had been taken to Japan.

Messy hair don’t care. I had so much fun here.

Another unimagineble view

No wonder I love this place. If I had to chance to visit Busan again, you can find me here looking and figuring what my future will bring me. If you love nature and want to go somewhere to relax, this is the place you wouldn’t want to miss. Remember to wear comfortable shoes.


We wanted to try out some delicious seafood dishes and after that adventurous journey and yeah we are hungry!

Directions to Jagalchi Market – By subway Line 1 Jagalchi Station Exit #10 (54 minutes from Haeundae). Turn right onto Jagalchi 3(sam)-gil Street. Walk for 5min, then turn left to arrive at Jagalchi Market

Jagalchi Market represents Busan. They are a lot of shops selling all type of sea “creatures”. It looks like the wet “pasar malam” with each stores trying so hard to let us try their foods. Most of them claiming they serve pork free food so it’s up to you to give it a try.

Don’t know what building it is, but I am sure there are lots of shops to eat

We don’t know where and what exactly do people eat here but we found this building because outside seem so much haywire.

We thought we could find any restaurant to eat but apparently all of them are closed. So disappointed but its okay. We went back again to the market to find something to eat. But sadly we couldn’t find anything toothsome food to try out that is maybe because we are so not into seafood. But maybe next time?We end up eating at Lotteria. Luckily, upon planning our way to go back to the guesthouse, we found Lotteria. Lotteria saved our day because we were so damn hungry.

And that’s the end of our day today.

So many happy moments we collected today and saying goodbye was the hardest part. But by the end of the day we need to pack up our luggage’s and leave early the next day to catch up our flight to KLIA. Our flight depart at 10.30am from Gimhae International Airport and yeah I guess this is the end of my South Korea Trip. Writing and completing this trip brings lots of memories to me personally. Hoping that I will visit Korea soon!

Sad to say that this will be my last post for my Trip to South Korea. However, stay tune for the next post as I will summarize my trip for easy reference.

Here is the total amount I spent to get around Gamcheon Culture Village, Taejongdae Park and Jagalchi Market:-

South Korea Trip 2016 Day 8 – Gamcheon Culture Village, Taejeongdae Resort Park and Goodbye Korea

Thank you for reading my posts (and waiting)!

Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana