My 2017 At A Glance (2017 Highlights)

My 2017 At A Glance (2017 Highlights)


Not too late for me to share my 2017 highlights right? Last year I did shared my 2016 memories and sadly for 2017, I did not have much interesting photos to share with you. As I was jotting down the highlights of my life, I could not believe how boring and unproductive my year was. To not be disappointing (for you who still want to read this post), here are how awesome (and gloomy) my 2017 was.


My 2017 At A Glance


Blogging in WordPress

Early in January I migrated to blog in WordPress platform. It was not hard and each steps I did to get my blog to this point is truthfully tiring but it pays a lot. Nothing can beat your tiredness if you have the passion. I am happy I can crossed one of my 2017 resolutions.


Precious Iphone

On March, my Iphone 5s broke. I thought I have lost half of my life at that time. Blame me for always bickering to get a new phone then na-ah, you can get a new one now. So I did purchase new Iphone and I am still using it now. But, sadly most of photos for my old phone was gone.

Trip to Perhentian Island

This was the only my trip this year. I’ve learnt so much from the mistakes I made during this trip. Who knew I can still enjoy everything without a proper planning. Yeah sometimes spontaneous actions works too. Just be positive and take all the opportunities in front of you.


29th Sea Games

I am really happy I get to see the Opening and Closing Ceremony for the 29th Sea Games. Both ceremonies leave a precious memories on my life as I enjoy watching the events. I plan to take more chances to see this kind of event in the future.


Braces Appointment

I did mentioned that I skipped my braces appointment for a year. And I regretted that. But I am so proud that I started to continue going for my monthly braces appointment on August. I did pushed myself, its better late than never.


Kim Jonghyun’s Suicide News

If you ask me what did I remembered from last year, this come first on my mind. You may think why this is a big hit on my life then let me tell you this. I am a huge fan of SHINee and Kim Jonghyun is my bias. I don’t have any other artist I look up to except for him. Hearing his suicide news was so shocking. It took me exactly 8 hours after the news for me to believe that he was gone. I did not want to believe the news is true. But now he is gone.


I still can’t believe this is true. I have dreamt of watching him and SHINee in front of my eyes in their concert tour. I could not believe how I can put myself together after few weeks now. This is hard for me too. I do believe he tried to hold on until his last breath. Thank you for your great music and talent Kim Jonghyun, you have done so well. I will always remembered the way you smile in front of us.


Overall Thoughts

From what I have seen and remembered, 2017 was not a good year for me, sad but it is true. I have come to conclude that each things I planned didn’t turn out to be what I imagined.


How Did I Feel at the End of the Year?

Tired but blessed. Reminiscing the memories I have been through makes me stronger. Although you can only see how bright I am on this virtual world, because I did not want to share how my personal life is, but what I can say is that I will try to be a better person next year and never repeats the same mistakes again.


Goodbye 2017

So little memories but I have learnt so much. A 28 years old girls got to do what she needs to do and thankfully she is still surviving and living. Although I fail at most of my 2017 resolutions, but a 29 year old girl (this year) will need to find back her strength and face the world which still remains unknown.


Cheers to all of us, we did our best!

Happy New Year!


Atheera Dayana