My Favourite Everyday Lipsticks

My Favourite Everyday Lipsticks

Lipstick is a must whenever I go out. My favourite lipsticks are mostly range from nude to pink shades because it is simply easy to match with my outfit. It completed my whole make up look and make my make up stand up more. It doesn’t matter which type or brand my lipstick are, as long as it brings life to my face.  I choose a matte finish than a glossy finish. I think a matte finish liquid lipstick will last longer and easier to apply.

Here are my five favourite lipsticks that are absolutely gorgeous and I love to keep them in my handbag every day. Even though they may look like they are in the same colour, but they are different. Trust me. I can even wear these lipstick with a natural look and I will look so much better than my dull face.

My Favourite Everyday Lipsticks


MAC in Mehr. This shade is my favourite lipstick from MAC. It is a matte finish and I love how this is long lasting wearing. MAC Mehr is a beautiful brown to pink finish and it compliment my tan skin. It is not easy for me to choose a nude or brown shade and this is just perfect colour for me.

Mamonde Creamy Tint in Code No.16. I bought this last year and I am still using it. I love this lipstick because it doesn’t make my lips dry. The shades is slightly orange-y to brown-ish. It stays on your lips even after you take your coffee. That is because it is a tint lipstick but it is thick and gives a matte finish but not drying.

Fever Glam Liquid Lipstick in Amour. This is the first local brand lipstick that I tried. Bought it during Mood Republik and I am absolutely love this lipstick! It is a matte finish with a dark berry shades. With just a single thin layer, this lipstick almost feel nothing but a gorgeous colour on your lips.


Getshera Liquid Lipstick in Code Eshal. This is the latest liquid lipstick I have tried. I’ve seen few of friend tried it and I am curious to try it myself. This lipstick is a nude shade lipstick that actually gives ‘colour’ to my dark lips. This is my most recent ‘go-to’ lipstick and I always gets compliment whenever I wore this lipstick. Do let me know if you are interested because my dear friend is selling this.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare. I own a few of KVD lipsticks but I always repurchased Double Dare. If you want to try to splurge on a really good liquid lipstick you can have this one a try. As I swatches Double Dare and Mehr side by side, it look almost the same. But Double Dare gives more matte finish. It is just a perfect nude-pink-coral lipstick for me. Love, love, love Double Dare and I will repurchased this again.

Lipstick Swatches

That is my Favourite Everyday Lipsticks. Five Lipsticks that I wore on everyday basis which are comfortable and perfect for everyday make up look.

What is your favourite everyday lipsticks? Do drop some recommendation so I can try out!


Atheera Dayana