8 Foods to Avoid When Wearing Braces

What are the foods you cannot eat or to be precise what food that can make our teeth in pain? This are the foods to avoid when wearing braces.

Are you curious what are the food all braces wearer cannot eat or to be precise what food that can make our teeth in pain? For newbie I hope this will help you to choose the right food or if you already experienced this like I did, I am sure you will agree on the foods to avoid when wearing braces.

I want a pretty set of teeth because I wasn’t born with one. That’s why I decided to put on braces, which was on few years back. That doesn’t explain why I still have my braces on, all this metal attached together on my teeth should be off but like I mentioned before, I skipped going to my dentist visit for two years.

One of the many reason (excuses tbh) is I can’t eat lots of food, even if I ate porridge, the pain is still there and there’s always something I need to do in terms of keeping my teeth clean. You know you need to put on your elastic or rubber band all the time and to put it back after eating is just so urgh.

Here are all the foods I hate to eat but you know I will still eat it because to be honest who can resist good food right. Comment down below if you agree with me.

8 Foods to Avoid When Wearing Braces

1. Nuts
I don’t really like nuts because my skin is allergic but I like peanut butter. I ate toast and my oats with lots of peanut butter on top. You will hate nuts when every time you munch, the big and tasty nuts will just make your teeth hurt. Generally nuts are hard. We can’t have hard food with braces on.

2. Popcorn
Popcorn is no longer a snack I ate while watching movies. I never ordered one for my own, unless my friend next to me offered. You still can have popcorn but I warn you, your popcorn will get stuck in between your teeth and archwire. And you will feel uncomfortable.

See all the things? Wire and bands everywhere

3. Chocolate
The hard chocolate to be exact. And the one with nuts or almond. Ferrero rocher is one of them. Hard and nuts are the main food to be avoided, remember that.

4. Ice and ice cream
Cold food or drink is okay (at least for me). Avoid chewing on ice. But I can’t have my favourite ice cream in a cone. I still need to use my front teeth and it feels pain (ngilu; I tried googled but still pain can’t describe it)

5. Corn on the Cob
You can eat the corn off the cob (the one they sell in a cup) but not the one which is not. I love to boiled and put butter and salt on the corn and eat it hot like that but not anymore.

6. Meat
I can say goodbye to meat and lamb if I am in a hurry. Not that we can’t have meat at all, but you need to cut the meat in small pieces. But sadly, there are high possibility the meat will get stuck on your archwire, bracket or power chain. And to clean it, will take you forever.

7. Hard Fruits
Apples are hard. Please don’t ever try to eat the whole apple and pear. Cut them. Be hard-working is the key. See how much effort we have to do.

8. Chips
Chips or kerepek or keropok. I didn’t enjoy all of these anymore. Even if I have some, I suffered.

I am not newbie with braces but eating all of these food still hurt my teeth. I still can’t have drumstick and chicken wings and eat it like I used to. Sometimes I wish I don’t have to eat but that’s not going to happen because I am always hungry.

Few tips you can follow is to cut all your food in small pieces so it will be much easier to eat. Random facts – I even cut my nuggets into small pieces because I can’t cut it with my front teeth, tried it, it was so damn painful.


Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana