How to Stay Motivated When You Hate Your Job

If you hate your job but don't feel like quitting so soon, this are ways to keep you stay motivated when you hate your job.

Do you sometimes feel like you want to quit your job? Don’t lie okay. Most of us do. Not liking all the massive task and the slot in job your boss give at 4pm and need to complete by 5pm? “Ah I hate my boss. I hate my job. I want to quit”. Been there?

Most of us don’t really mean it but somehow we do right? Well, head straight. None of us want to quit a job that easily even when you feel like it.

Is quitting or staying is the best solution to your problem? Let’s face it. Quitting will be the last resort of everything. If you are still stuck in your current workplace, you hated your job (like I do, trust me we are in the same boat) and you don’t feel like quitting so soon, this are ways to keep you stay motivated and some tips to make you stay longer in your job.

How to Stay Motivated When You Hate Your Job

Figure Out What is the Problem

The main important questions is what causing you hating your job? Find out where is the problem. Is it your boss? The culture? The people? The work load? Try to find a way to solve it. Don’t let some small problem lead you to quitting.

Leave Your Work

Work is work, don’t mix it in with your personal life. It is best not to overwork that mean no overtime when you feel your work is burdening you. Take your rest time to relax and keep your work away. Have a thought that work will never ever going to finish. I stopped bringing back my work on weekend and I am truly not regretting that.

Be Presentable

Hating your job doesn’t mean you can’t be presentable. Nothing is important than making yourself more presentable while working. Show a little bit of interest of working each day not only by the way you dress, but also to get involve in a simple lunch with your colleague. No one likes to work with a bad OD and anti-social person.

Do Your Job, Do Not Budge Around

It is so important that you complete your task diligently even though you are not interested anymore. We are employed, whether you like it or not a job is a job we get paid for. If you are not doing your job properly, that’s a breach and do remember we are living with our salary. Don’t show your “I don’t care” attitude because that’s not going to make it better.

Have Your Friends or Closest Colleague Around You

Having a circle of friends or closest colleague can heighten your happiness. What is more important than having a support system? They will inspire and advices you if you are feeling restless and tense. Do not keep everything to yourself. At least if you have any issue with your boss it is better to seek for advices from someone else first.

Respect Your Senior, Manager and Boss

Your bosses are still your boss even when you don’t like them. My advice – do not show your dislikeness. They still have the power to control your reputation in your performances and yearly appraisal. It is also best to learn the positive things from them. Watch how they work, try to develop the skill from them as long as you respect them.

Find What You Like To Do

Working eight hours each day doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the rest of your hours. Put aside your job away after the ‘longest 8 hours of working’ and do what you enjoy. I always make myself clear that my job can’t ruin my whole day. Having a dinner with friends, go out shopping, have a thoughtful and longest bath are the things I did after I leave the office.

Lastly, you are not alone. Most of us feel exhausted working 9 to 5. Find your inner peace. Be sociable, spend time for yourself and don’t let your job ruin your life. Sometimes, your current job offers more challenges for you to develop your skill. Finding the perfect job takes time. If you still can’t cope with your job, take a deep breath; think again, if quitting is still your decision, then leave. The choice is always in your hand.

What makes you love your job?

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  • Thats right tyra, we dont rush ourselves to the quit part, that may be the last thing to settle with.

    I’ve been in the situation where I dont really like how other people badmouthed others, hence after like a year I did realize is how we handle the bad talkers by actually doing more action and keep ourselves busy, suddenly the badmouthing habits minimize cause we have less time to gossiping with each other. Now we have more positive productivity. ^^

    • True. We can’t control the badmouthed people. Just leave them because we can’t really do anything, just focus on our job that is more important.
      Thanks for reading Eyqa 😍

  • I think I can relate myself to this post even though for me, it is more about my study life. 😀

    The course is not easy, I always find it hard to adapt (but I guess I have adapted myself well). I love the last point so much… that’s when I discover my passion towards hiking. I started this activity when I was not fit at all. Alhamdulillah, through out time it helps me a lot to love myself and to always feel I am valuable and I can survive in this struggling life.

    “I stopped bringing back my work on weekend and I am truly not regretting that.” Hehe I wish I can do this… since studying (for now) is about a continuous step… I wish I can have weekend without revisions, but seems like I can’t.

    Thank youuuu, great post as usual! 🙂

    • I don’t let myself feel so burden of my job, but somehow i always have the uncomfortable feeling whenever i left my job unfinish. Tsk thats why we need some other activities so that we can continue our day without feeling incomplete.

      I always fill in my weekend to be more productive though i am not working. Please look forward for my next post on how i maximise my weekend ya 😀

      Btw thx for reading hanis 😘

  • Echa H.

    I ever felt this way. Lastnya I quit. Now rasa a bit regret but I guess I learn something from that. If dah mula rasa benci dengan kerja, its time to find a solution to love it back instead of deciding to quit. Ada banyak je cara nak stay motivated kan.

    • Yup, right. Sometimes the situation we are in yg buat kita de-motivated. Always find a way to not let your job controlling you. I hope you stay strong okay. And thx for reading!

  • Razanah Anis

    There’s no relaxing job in life.. It’s all about the struggle afterall kan, so nak tak nak, bertahan la… 😀

    • Haha nothing comes easy in life. Without courage and hardwork we won’t be succesful. Yg penting our mindset kena betul & kuat

  • bivichan (BV)

    i wish i have a job T^T
    this remind me of my practical days a long time ago, i used to hate it because i dont have any friends, the jobs doesnt suit me and more thing i hate about. gladly i bear all of those. 😀

    a really nice post. thank you <3

    • My practical days was hard too. I hate that i dont have friend and thank god i survived. But trust me, when you come to be in a real job, it is different. The environment, the people talking to you, it is fun!

      Thanks for reading BV!

  • We should love our job over time if we didn’t in the first place lah. By loving the job, we’ll do better 🙂

  • nadiah izzaty

    All the tips you’ve shared good to implement it if I ever have this problem.

    Alhamdulillah , for now I love my work. Sometimes , bila stress. Bila dtg kerja terus tak stress sgt . Sebab team mate best and satu kepala kot.

    Tapi stress ada di mana-mana kan kita yg kena pandai control. =)

    • same as me. tahan keje sebab ade kwn2 n manager yg baik. klu tempat lain xtau la mcm mane

      • nadiah izzaty

        Kannnn, agree. Stay sbb team mate best and manager best . If tak dah lamaaa blah jugak hihihi

  • I do online marketing, sometimes can be stressed too.. what to do?