South Korea Trip 2016 : Day 2 (Part 1) Seoul City Hall, Gwanghwamun Square & Gyeongbokgung Palace

Let's explore the famous South Korea Gwanghwamun Square & Gyeongbokgung Palace!

We meet again for my second day trip to South Korea. I’m trying to post one entry each week so that this travelogue won’t drag too long. Read my Day 1 and Preparation to South Korea trip.

South Korea Trip 2016 : Day 2 – 12th October 2016

We are so excited to start our day today (still kaki belum sakit time ni ok), we plan to go to several places near Seoul. Ada one day we are so kelam kabut nak bersiap but always remember when we are in a trip, we need to be cool, don’t rush yourself even though you have a pack schedule. If terlambat bangun ke jangan gabra, still kita boleh adjust itinerary.

We went to six places today. Tired but we had fun. By the end of our day I cannot feel my leg anymore because of something you will found out later.

We start our day early in the morning, by 6.45 morning we have our breakfast at the guesthouse. Then we straight walk to the subway station. Excited bile kuar dari rumah, cuaca sejuk, perut pun kenyang kan. Haha, happy tummy happy me! First place we visited was the City Hall.

South Korea Trip

Seoul City Hall


Direction to City Hall : take subway to City Hall station, line 1, exit #4

You can see other buildings surrounding the City Hall. The City Hall is on your left once you exit the station. While on the right side is where you need to walk straight to reach Gwanghwamun Square. We went straight passing the City Hall towards the traffic light and cross the road using the map to find Gwanghwamun Square, but we are in the wrong road. Haha, so confident okay. So we went back the same road again and stood at the subway exit and trying to locate where we should go. Luckily my friends are expert in reading the map.

You can refer to this map where City Hall, Gwanghwamun Square, Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village is nearby each other

Look at the flowers!

I caught this, there’s a lot of this people at the main street in Seoul

Look at me, beriya baca map haha, tapi honestly idk how to read map

Gwanghwamun Square

Direction to Gwanghwamun Square: from City Hall station exit, turn right and walk straight

There’s a signboard near the subway exit that you can refer before start walking like us

After few minutes of walking, we reached Gwanghwamun Square. This is where stand a statue of King Sejong the Great, the fourth and most respected king of the Joseon Dynasty and creator of Hangeul, Korea’s alphabet; and a statue of Admiral Yi Sunshin. All this statue is at the center so you won’t possibly missed it. You can read their historical era near the statue but I wouldn’t care because I just wanna look pretty for selfie, haha. There are supposed to have fountain here, but sadly at that time maybe they are re-constructing it.

Statue of King Sejong

Statue of Admiral Yi Sunshin


The view is so pretty

You can see the roof the palace at the end of the road


Gyeongbokgung Palace

We walked straight till there’s a big road, and look in front, the big and grand Gyeongbokgung Palace. The palace is big you could not missed it. We took our time for selfie again before crossing the road.

Direction to Gyeongbokgung Palace: from Gwanghwamun Square, walk straight till the end of the road

Gyeongbokgung Palace


Gyeongbokgung Palace was the main royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. It is the largest palace of the five grand places built by the Joseon Dynasty. If you look at the picture above, is it me or I just think of Scarlet Heart palace when I look at the picture? The palace is so beautiful. I don’t know how many buildings inside the place. There is also like a mini garden inside here. We were lucky enough to get a free entrance here. Normal ticket price is 3,000 won.

Free entrance yay!

When we were so busy admiring the architecture of the palace, there come groups of student. We were there when there wasn’t so crowded so we are lucky to have the palace by ourselves for the first hour (haha poyo gila ayat aku). The palace also performs changing of guards ceremony, but since there are so many people, we skipped that and move to the next location.

Is this where the King always sit?

I can live here forever

This one is also so pretty

So gigih want to get this ‘tangga’ shot


Ok, done. For now. I will continue writing on the next post because I don’t want to sumbat everything in a post and I don’t want you to get bored. So, stay tune for the entry k!


Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana