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My Top 5 Favourite Phone Apps

My Top 5 Favourite Phone Apps

Have you ever feel blessed nowadays we just need to use our phone to make our life easier? Most of us used mobile apps in daily life as well as myself. When I want to search anything fast and easy, I just google it from my phone. Stuck in nowhere on the road to find ways to our destination, we can find the map. Need to wake up in the morning, don’t worry we have an alarm set on the phone.

Easy and fast right? There are a lot more you can do with your phone.

Here are my favourite phone apps that I can’t live without in my daily life

1. Andromoney

I used this apps to track all my spending. I have used this apps for 3 years. I just need to key in my spending everyday, then I can check how much I spend every month so I won’t go broke haha. I like this apps because it is simple yet detail which I can see the trend of my money/cash flow.

Update : I don’t used this anymore as this is not a free apps on IOS.

2. Evermusic

This apps work simple. Download this apps, get connected with your google drive. Save songs you own in google drive. Then turn on this apps, voila you can download it on you phone. Easy right. I don’t have to sync my phone in itunes to save song.

3. Goodreads

This is where I go to when I want to keep track of my reading progress, to record all the books I’ve bought, to find the title of the book I wanted and also to read review or share my thoughts. Sometimes when I want to read a book series, but I can’t find all the book title in sequence, I will not remember which book I own. That’s how goodreads safe my life.

4. Period tracker

All girls need her period to be track down so we don’t miss the next monthly ‘Aunty Mary’ hehe.

5. Instagram/Pinterest

Who doesn’t loved Instagram. I can stalk my friends (and crushes) easily as well as share my photos with my friends. To be honest I used Pinterest more often now. That’s lot more knowledge I can gain even I spend half an hour on Pinterest.

What is your Favourite Phone Apps ?


Atheera Dayana