Allegiant Review; SPOILER alerts!

The Divergent Series - Allegiant Movie Review

Are these Allegiant Movie is as bad as what the movie reviewer said? As I am a Divergent series fans, this is what I have to say about this movie.

I watched Allegiant on the last friday at The Strand Mall after work feeling so excited I couldn’t wait to watch it because I’ve been an avid fans of The Divergent Series (the book series mostly) and I was having this high expectation that this movie is going to blow my mind because it is the last part of the trilogy. So how does my anticipation turns out to be? This is my thoughts on Allegiant.

Allegiant Review

The Divergent Series is a trilogy book series written by Veronica Roth. The trilogy consists of Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant.

So, the previous first movie, Divergent. Did I enjoy Divergent? YES. because there so much dauntless there and I love this faction so much.

Did I enjoy Insurgent? YES, more than Divergent because we can feel what this story is about and how it the story grows with all the different factions.




I only love the first 1 hour of the movie.


There’s so many wrong thing happen in Allegiant. I tried to think that I should not compare with the book, I mean I’ve watched Insurgent, and I’ve seen they’ve changed a lil bit of the plot, but it was still acceptable to me.

If you already plan to watch and don’t know what movie to watch (so you pick Allegiant), go ahead and watch, this movie will continue the journey of Tris and Four, Caleb, Peter, and Tori trying to work together with Evelyn and her alliance. There’s no more faction world. It is in the new stagee of mixing with people with different characters together. Tris and Four main objective is to breakthrough the wall that separated them from the outside world, in order to fix what is wrong but later they find out that there’s so much more going on there.

This movie filled with action, lots of CGI effect with drone and fighting scene with extraordinary weapon,  and also romantic scene of Four & Tris. Later then they will explain more information on why the society can’t be divided into factions. If you haven’t read the book, somehow in the middle of the story you will have lots of thought on certain thing (which they explain it so fast).

Ok, Have you watch it?

Not yet? So I warn you, don’t read the next the next 2 lines


Thats it. Right now I have to warn you. I’m gonna spoil everything about the movie.

I couldn’t accept that WHY THEY HAVE TO MAKE IT SO MUCH OF USING CGI WITH TOO MUCH OF TECHNOLOGY THINGY AND WHAT THE HELL IS THE BUBBLE THINGY WHEN THEY WERE AT THE POINT WHERE THEY ARE TRANSPORTED TO THE ‘CLEAN WORLD’ I thought I was watching star wars man, and wtf with the shower scene like hell I was laughing at that scene and whose idea was that.

I don’t know why Tris character wasn’t so strong when she’s with David and yeah I tell ya new character (Nita & Matthew) supposed to have strong vibe to us, but they didn’t. So frustrating.

Somebody died. At the beginning of the movie. Again spoiler. Tori died. But Tris didn’t die. So then I realise they gonna make a part 2 of Allegiant. Urgh.

I found myself enjoying Peter and Caleb character. The hell Peter is so damn annoying I wanna slap his mouth sometimes, aha, And Caleb being so Erudite I couldn’t stop watching him running with other Dauntless, he was so weak but he made it *claps*

The fighting scene was my favourite scene. But the scene at the vault room was so ridiculously made. Everything was not as intense as the book I’m just shaking my head. The scene was not like I imagine *facepalm* There was suppose to have the death serum but now I guess they gonna use this serum on the last movie.

Lastly, how should I rate this movie?

2 stars over 5. 1 star for Tobias hot and sexy face and 1 star for Caleb ‘nerdy’ness.

Have you watch Allegiant? Your thoughts?

Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana