BBQ Night & New Year at Port Dickson

BBQ Night & New Year at Port Dickson

Assalamualaikum readers.

To end up my 2015, I have planned to celebrate new year at Port Dickson. This time I take the risk to feel the difference (because normally I wouldn’t celebrate it and would rather watch movie at home), I feel that I should treat myself a short vacation like this. Why Port Dickson? Because our plan is to have a BBQ night, so we decided, why not at PD? We found a good and cheap stay at Avillion Water Chalet month before and ordered the food for BBQ. So lets start~

We start our journey at 2:30 pm from Kota Damansara, arrived around 3:30 pm. So we check-in first. There’s a lot of people waiting for check out and check in. Upon finding our room, we can see the beautiful view of the sea and the greenery scene. OMG, I love it.  Here is how our room look like.

so this is how the room like once we open the door

there are 2 beds allocated  (how come my iphone took this low quality pic?

I love this bed side view

the bath tub and ‘open’ shower

It’s almost 5 pm, so we started to grill our meat and chicken included sausages and bread. It wasn’t easy, we almost give up to light up the fire. We took almost 1 hour plus, just to set up the BBQ fire. And finally we get to eat!


We head back to our room after the BBQ. Went out again to chillex after shower. Unfortunately the cafe  at  the challet already closed (around 11pm) so we had no choice, we had our drink at the challet restaurant. The drink was bad, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, it almost taste like shit, so don’t even waste your money there.


After that we went for a walk near the beach, there was a new year party there, so we joined them! 12:00am sharp is the main event, there were fireworks and loud music playing so we were excited! Took few photos and we have a deep chat after that.

because it was dark we have to use 2 phones for lighting haha

had so much fun here

The next day, before checking out we walk around and had breakfast at the chalet. Thank god the food was fine. Check out at 12:00 pm, had our lunch at Cowboy Place ‘Nasi Kukus’ (not recommended, there was so many rempits and pengkid), head back to Kota Damansara.

Good bye Avillion~
Took the opportunity to drop by at Nana Vendors at TTDI, hihi

That’s how I start my 2016 woohoo!

Atheera Dayana