Tutorial Editing Gifs (Photoshop)

Tutorial Editing Gifs (Photoshop)
Wow, here is my promise. The continuation of the ‘new & easier of making gifs’. if you haven’t tried, see it here. I will continue from that tutorial okay. If you miss that or accidentally closed the psd gifs file, well you can click here. Follow the step until step 2 (opening gifs file). Let’s start!!

Step 1: Animation –> Select all frames. Layer –> Select similar layer (right click at any of the layer)


Step 2:  Click the button (the below button right side). Then, Filter –> Convert for smart filter. Try to play the animation

Step 3: Sharpen the image (optional) Filter –> Sharpen –> Smart sharpen/sharpen edges (any option, you can try & preview it first)

Now we going to add basic coloring to the gifs. If you have a PSD pack, you can immediately drag the layer at the layer pallatte.

Step 4: Click new fill or adjustment button to adjust brightness/contrast.


Step 5: Add any adjustment you want. I have add brightness/contrast, curves, levels, selective color, vibrance. I also add some texture. It is up to you okay.


After you done, you can save. File –> Save for Web & Devices. Well, Good luck!! Here my puppysaurus rawr!


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