Create Animated GIFS Using Photoshop (Easier Way)

Create Animated GIFS Using Photoshop
I found another way, the more easier way and fastest way to Create Animated GIFS Using Photoshop in an easier way (I used Photoshop CS5 Extended). Hoyeah. You can refer to my previous tutorial (here) for making gifs. It is almost similar, only the second step is different.

As usual, you must have your video that you want to make part of it as gifs. Once you have the video file, open the video and play it using Gom Player.

Step 1: Burst capture image (hit ctrl+g) while you play the part you want from the video & click ‘Burst Capture’

Make sure you set the directory of the capture image because we going to open the image later. You can change the setting (burst capture images) if you want a longer part. But don’t make it longer.
Here is the images file that I save from the burst capture. You can check the capture by double click it (open) & press the next button to see the preview. Check the dimension (image size). Mine is 1280 X 720.

Step 2: Now open your photoshop. Click File –> New, make sure the width and height of the size is the same as the save image (1280 X 720)

Step 3: Select all the images files & drag all the file into the canvas. Don’t worry the image will be at the center of the canvas. Then you have to Click ENTER until all images are in (the X mark are gone)

Step 4: Crop the image. Click the crop button, set your image size to crop (mine is 500 X 250) & set your crop area. Then Click OK.

Step 5: Set the image size. Click Image –> Image size (500 X 250) –> OK. 

Step 6: Make sure you have the animation box. View –> Tick Animation. Click animation button –> Make frames from layer (all frames are now in the animation box). You have to erase the first blank frame.

Step 7: Click Animation –> Select all frames. Animation –> Reverse Frames. Set animation as forever & set animation time. Finish setting, you can play now. 

How is it? Satisfied? If you are done, you can save now. Click File –> Save for Web & Devices
The file size is too big? Don’t worry, you can adjust some of the setting. Click the button to optimize file size (mine is 700kb). You can also adjust the color setting. And try to play it. If your image size is big & the number of frame is a lot, the size will be bigger. Always keep the frame below 30 frames. If not you have to adjust & erase some frame before you save. When you are done hit the SAVE button!
Long tutorial. Ask me in the cbox if you have any problem. Guess what? I’m not done here. Part 2 coming out later, inclusive of the basic editing & coloring (easier way) the gifs.

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