My Top 5 Favourite Korean Variety Shows

My Top 5 Favourite Korean Variety Shows
I love to watch Korean Variety Shows. Their shows are super hilarious, making my day full of laughter. Every time I watched any shows, my brother will take a peep beside me *that makes me super annoyed*. If you Kpop lover haven’t at least watch one episode, take a seat and find the videos on youtube and watch. The show will make you laugh till burst *lol kidding*. Let me share with you my  Favourite Korean Variety Shows.

My Top 5 Favourite Korean Variety Shows

Running Man

This show take place at famous landmark every week. They played different type of games every time. The main game is Hide and Seek game *similar as police and thief*. One team hide and carrying a mission, while another team catches them. They also have lots of interesting and silly games and also korean celebrity to join Running Man.

Strong Heart

Hosted by Kang Hodong and Lee Seunggi and with famous Korean celebrities every week. They get to share their story from the funny ones to the heartwarming ones. Then one winner is chosen by the audience awarded with ‘Strong Heart’ trophy.  Lots of korean celebrities shared their dirty little secret on this show.

 Come to Play

This talk show invite celebrities with different theme every week. Later at the show, they enter to a small room with snacks & beverages and talk as they are having a leisure time and play.

We Got Married

Celebrities getting married. Interesting? But not for real. Couples were like a ‘faux-marriage’ and doing couple-like things. Couples have been changes every year and every couple create their own special moments. This show will make you go ‘kyaa…so cute’ everytime.

1 Night 2 Days

The program stars Kang Ho-dong and other 5 members travel around the country. They participate in a series of games that determine the “haves” and the “have-nots” for the night; deciding who will have a delicious dinner or not, who will sleep in comfort and who will have to rough it out.


What is your Favourite Korean Variety Shows?


Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana