Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

Review Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa
Just finished watching that movie. I know I’m late. But at last I got to watch that movie.

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

This movie is fantastic. My eyes really glued on my laptop screen. Every scene is awesome and this movie is full of action. This type of historical movie usually bores me. But, watching HMM is worth it. I gotta to know more on how Kedah is formed, yeah I googled a lot on Merong Mahawangsa, Raja Bersiong, Sultan Mudzaffar Shah, The Garudas and The Rom Empires. I miss my ‘sejarah’ on secondary school.
One of the main point I like this movie because of the screenplay and the actors. Kudos to all of this amazing and talented actors!
Merong Mahawangsa; the first founder of Langkasuka (now is Kedah)
Embuk; Merong’s wife. When Merong is on battle with Garudas, she’s pregnant. So their family grows till the 7 ‘keturunan’ of Phra Ong Mahawangsa (Sultan Mudzafar Shah)
The Roman Prince; Merong helps him in finding the way to Semenanjung Emas
The Chinese princess. She can speak more than 3 languages
Kamawas; seriously he is so evil

How I wish I watch it in cinema. Can they re-screen this in cinemas? I wanna watch this again. Congratulations to our own film people.

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