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My Night Skincare Routine


    My Night Skincare Routine

    Night Skincare Routine

    Maybe not all of you know that I wear makeup almost every day. Having a thick makeup is not easy to remove especially when I used waterproof mascara and eyeliner. On my previous young days I always skipped to remove all that foundation, eyeliner and all that stuff on my face because I am always lazy and tired. I will always sleep with that ‘dirty layer’ on my skin and of course skipping all the moisturizer on my face and having no regret at all.

    Only then I became more protective with my skin. Having that clear and flawless skin is more important because your skin is the base layer you have before applying makeup. You can skip all that concealer when you don’t have acne spot.

    Night skincare is important as your skin will ‘work’ during your sleep to improve the cells. When you go to bed with all the chemical substance plus with that oily residue on your face it will only cloak your pores and leave your face with skin impurities and will lead to breakout. That is why having a clean face and applying a moisturizer before you sleep is so important.

    Here let me share with you my night skincare routine

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