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    My Everyday Makeup Routine (Drugstore Version)

    My Everyday Makeup Routine

    As I mentioned previously on my night skincare routine, I do wear makeup on everyday basis but I am not a professional when come to doing makeup. I just wear what is necessary to make my face look presentable as I am working in an office and most of the time I do need to meet lots of people. But you know, I enjoyed learning and applying makeup nowadays.

    As I am still collecting the high end makeup product, right now I am using the drugstore brand on regular basis. I am too shy to actually share this because during all this picture were taken, my face look so puffy and my dark circle was at the worst time. I could not put this post on draft and drag it to be completed because ‘oh my face look horrible now’ and c’mon just make it work girl, ain’t nobody got perfect skin everyday right.

    So, this is my everyday makeup routine

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