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    All the Things Happen Last Month (Monthly Highlights & Favourites) + Freebies *Monthly Expenses Trackers*

    Hello all…it has been a long time since I updated, so long and I really missed being here again. The last post I shared was What’s in My March 2017. I hope it is not too late to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya!! I still can’t believe that I left for a while, I mean for three months? I never knew when I will be sharing a post again because I never really set in mind and let the time heal by itself and I just said to myself do not pressure yourself and take your time to write.

    Back to the topic, it is already July and guess what? It is my favourite month of the year because…it is my birthday month! I cannot wait for the upcoming birthday treat I planned for myself (yeah girl ain’t gonna wait for angels to come and make me happy).

    So for the past few months where have I been? Well, I am still like before nothing change actually but I can’t find the right time to write. I am always tired after work and I mostly keep myself occupied with watching dramas and somehow I like to be alone and enjoy the free time I have. But that doesn’t mean I don’t pampered myself with something exciting each month. So, let’s jump into All the Things Happen Last Month – this consists of a sum of What’s in My April, May and June 2017 all lump together because let’s be honest, nothing much happen.


    All the Things Happen Last Month

    Personally I think that I am in the phase where I value my time so much. I want everything to go in order as I planned and being that, I hate whenever something just popped out and ruin my time. I get so stressed out when I couldn’t finish something on time and that can make me go sour for the rest of the day.

    I also feel I am doing things without thinking it twice because I am so sick of doing lots of things for a short time. I hate that my company trying to cut cost by letting us work like shit. Each million bucks *coughshitcough* we got are for the company not the staff. I don’t feel I need to work harder like before because what’s the use right?

    Other than that, I am so thankful I am surrounded by a group of friends who are crazy like me (you know who you are, gadis gadis haha), and I can’t express enough if they weren’t there each time.

    A Court of Thorn and Roses Review

    I finish reading A Court of Thorn and Roses last month and I happy I pick this book to read because it was so damn good. If you followed my Instagram, I already wrote a short review of this book.

    I am trying to write a proper book review but to share and write a good book review on my blog I think I am still not good tough. Can any of you share on how to write a good book review?

    I also have been buying lots of books last month. This are all the books bought.

    Currently I am reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber and I have long way to go #fightingTyra

    This month too I am going to buy more books, because it’s my Birthday Treat month for MPH club members! I get to have 15% less on all books and earn 2x member points. Isn’t that exciting? I am so cannot wait for it! And hopefully I still can redeem my points so that mean I can buy more books.

    Last month was the finale season for two of my favourite shows, Prison Break and Pretty Little Liars. First let’s talk about Prison Break. This last season was so so nerve wrecking. I am so happy I get to see Wentworth Miller on screen again gah I was his avid fans since the season premiere okay. After so much troubles, so many speculation on the series, I am truly happy they end it perfectly beautiful.

    Now, let’s move with Pretty Little Liars. I feel like had too many headache since the show started.  This show actually end guys. Can’t you believe it? After 7 f*cking seasons. 7 f*cking years of waiting. Though I could not wait or what I mean was I am getting too tired to follow each episode but at last…it ended. I feel like those who started to watch since the beginning can take a deep breath now.

    Next show I was watching is Produce 101 Season 2. It’s a Korean reality show where they audition and pick 11 best of the best candidates to form a boy group call as Wanna One. I am so happy my favourites – Daniel, Ji Hoon, Guan Lin, Dae Hwi made it to top 11 but I am so sad Samuel and Jonghyun didn’t. Can’t wait for their debut!

    Which one is your favourite Wanna One member?

    Other shows I have watched are Hero Seorang Cinderella and Andainya Takdir. Malay dramas sometimes can be a bit like urgh so boring and menyampah but you still watch till the end right? Yeah that mix feelings I felt for HSC. The reason I watched because ada Fazura je. I never doubted her acting but this one with Fattah is just meh. The chemistry was not there.

    Then there comes Andainya Takdir. I think the story is not the so typical malay drama you have watched. Shukri Yahya acting is bravo guys. I just wish he can win more award than the ‘kayu actor’ *youknowwhoright*

    Beauty Products I Love

    There’s a lot of beauty stuff slash makeup stuff I bought. To list everything might take too long, so here is the list of what I have been loving so far:-


    Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

    Aloe Vera Gel

    I added this two in my skincare regime now. Both products provides moisture to my face especially on Raya day because I think the weather on that days were so hot kan. There are other products I have tried but it was just okay for me. For future I think I want to try out Laneige line and I have been eyeing the starter kit one on Hermo before I purchase the whole set. Anyone can give me little review on Laneige skincare line?

    Next is, the makeup stuff I have been loving lately, which are:-

    Too Face Born This Way Foundation

    Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

    Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Powder

    Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

    Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Palette

    TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer

    Benefit Hoola Bronzer


    I can’t wait for the short trip I have planned for the upcoming week. I really hope my work won’t ruin everything. I think I should worry about work a lil bit less and I really hope better opportunities will come. Wish me luck okay. To think back what I have sacrificed for the last 2 years makes me wanna cry so hard.

    What makes me excited again this month is….drum rolls…. GAME OF THRONES! 16th July please come faster baby……

    What are you looking forward this month?

    Wait! Since this month is my favourite month, I am going to share my own ‘Monthly Expenses Tracker’ just for you. This is an editable copy (in excel btw) for your easy usage. Hope this is useful for you!

    Free Download

    Till then, talk to you soon.


    The Reasons I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

    The Reasons I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

    Most of us, blogger uses the Blogger to start a blog because it is easy and cheap. We can always start running a blog without using any penny and back then we have lots of template tutorial or blogskin to choose from.

    Previously I don’t ever remember myself trying to learn anything in Blogger, everything is so easy as you just need to write and publish as we already have a domain when we first setup as Blogger. I was comfortable there, not going to lie. I was in Blogger since 2009, hell if I am not I won’t be staying there for straight seven years.

    That is why, back then I never thought of changing my blogging platform.

    So why I actually moved from Blogger to WordPress?

    The Reasons I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

    Blogger Login Mail is Not Mine

    Firstly, the main reason I hated my blog in blogger because of the mailing address they used was not mine. And I was not happy at all. I didn’t know what happen actually. We will normally used google account to login to, I used my yahoo account to login to google. Back then I don’t have a gmail account which was my mistake because did you know gmail and google account actually linked?

    When my mom uses my laptop and she created a new gmail account which was for her office e-mailing address, and straight after that, her email address was already link with my google and blogger account. I still can login to my google account using my yahoo email, but soon I detected my primary email address in blogger was my mom email address and I could not change that.

    You know I can still write but when I commented on someone post, it linked to the google account and automatically they used the primary email address for any follow up reply. And seriously I hate to see that.

    Terrible Blogger Commenting System

    Did any of you like the blogger commenting system? It sucks to me. When I am replying and publish my reply to the commenter, the page will refresh and I am taking extra time to wait for the page to load again just to reply comment.

    When I saw lots of blogger started using Disqus, and I love how Disqus works so without further ado I created a Disqus commenting system for my blog. But it didn’t work. To be precise, Disqus didn’t properly sync my old comment to my Disqus. So again I was stuck in Blogger comment system.

    Ugly Blogger Dashboard

    When did Blogger changes it dashboard to a new one? God I don’t want to remember that. Seriously it looks horrible.

    Missing Draft Post

    Blogger new dashboard was literally already making me sick, then you know I was so angry when Blogger did not save my draft post. After all that hardwork of writing, the hour I spent to actually focus on my post, I remembered hitting that save button before closing the tab, the next day, the draft post was gone. Fuck that.

    All of the reasons above may be due to my personal reasons, but after a deeper and more serious read I had, I have made the decision to moved to WordPress. So these are the real reasons I moved from Blogger to WordPress and why you should switch to WordPress.

    Full Control Over Your Blog

    After being tremendously frustrated over all the reasons above, then Erin posted about WordPress. I never actually learn and read what and how WordPress work. So I spend my time on reading and understanding about WordPress. Upon that I knew I wanted to change to WordPress so badly.

    Primary because I know that I actually own my website. All content in Blogger is actually run by google. google has the right to take down your blog at any time. That scare me like shit. God knows if something happen, I won’t be able to save my precious blog.

    In WordPress you will control and build everything which I think it gives personal satisfactory to myself. Seriously now I feel like I am working on my own workspace.

    Beautiful Themes

    WordPress theme are so beautiful. They have lots of design option you can choose from. But of course the paid themes are more eye-catching to me. When I stumble upon a WordPress blog, I really love how it looked so professional and pretty!

    Easy and More Functions

    Since we have to handle everything on our own, WordPress provides more option in term of handling your blog. We can choose our own self-hosted platform depend on our own needs. There are also tons of plugins to choose from.

    Plugins make it easier for us to handle our blog. When I was in Blogger, there a lots of thing I want to add in my blog, though there are tutorials, but it wasn’t as easy if you don’t have a good knowledge in the coding. Everything I need is there in WordPress. Easy and fast. Each of my problems was easily solved (read my previous post) thanks to the tutorial and plugins!

    Search Ranking

    By having a SEO plugins, trust me it is a good way you can have a better search ranking. When your post have a higher grade in the SEO, the chances your post come up first in the search ranking (you know when people search for something on the net like ‘Favourite Movie to Watch’, it will be in the top of the search engine), so this is a great way to build up your traffic.

    That is the reasons why I moved from Blogger to WordPress. Of course you can choose which platform to blog, that is your choice. But, personally I think you can grow your blog faster in WordPress (of course with lots of effort) and you won’t be regreting at all. I regretted not moving to WordPress earlier.

    If you are serious about blogging (I mean if you don’t  mind spending lots of money to be self-hosted and paid theme), I think WordPress is a best option over Blogger.

    Share with me which platform have you used? And the reasons why you switched?



    10 Problems I Faced After Moving to WordPress and How I Solve It

    How to Solve Problem in Wordpress

    Moving to a new platform of blogging and handling everything by yourself is one of the self satisfactory that I enjoyed so much now. Even though there are some time I feel pressured and torn between customizing my blog appearance and writing. Despite having short time to do all that, in the end I manage to get everything in place.

    Imagine if you shifting to a new empty house, you have this huge own responsibility to move the most important furniture you need there, and also you need to design your new house without paying someone else. Or it’s like writing an essay, isn’t the introduction is the hardest part before you actually putting all that fancy ideas you have?

    This is how I felt throughout this few weeks.

    Read more


    My Personal Future Plan for My Blog

    I have gathered some personal future plan for my blog that I would like to achieve so that I will have a more organize blog and here let me share with all of you.

    Blogging is not easy. Especially if you want to write something that not only you can share with others but also to actually make you proud of yourself. Some would think that we bloggers just write something that pop out of our mind, just share our two cents and click publish. Writing is just one thing. Creating and getting the idea on what to write is actually what makes us wild.

    Sometimes I will just sit for hours just to have a topic on my mind. And this actually wasting my time and I hate that, because I practically have only 3 hours free time on weekdays and probably just 5 hours on weekend as I am not a full time blogger because I don’t get to spend a lot of hours to blog due to work constraint.

    Someone told me that to complete everything in place accordingly is to plan. A plan that you can actually work with. If you are serious on getting something done you should have your own to-do list to write down everything need to be done so you won’t miss anything.

    Read more


    How I started my blog #tyratalktime

    Hello again! Now I’m getting serious to post frequently that I even made a schedule so that each week my blog won’t be empty with new posts. Since my whole Monday till Friday is full with work hmm guess what I even talk about my work after office hour even it is not officially doing ‘work’, well office gossip can also considered as work because it is still related to work haha (you get what I’m saying?) That is why I’m telling myself that I should write on the weekend. Do not waste time sitting at the corner thinking what to eat je.

    Before I loaded with all the heavy post, I realized that I should share about this blog; main thing about blogging is you should get used to tell your readers your story.

    And here are my story on how I started my blog

    Read more