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    Try On Spicy Korean Noodle

    Are you a foodie? Do you like spicy food? Do you like instant noodle?This is the

    Do you like spicy food? Do you like instant noodle? Have you ever tried the famous Korean Spicy Noodle? Well, this is my personal thought of this noodle.

    After such a long days now I’m back with a new post to share with you. Anyone notice something new in my blog? Hehe. I’m so happy with the new look of my blog now (after so much time I spend and ((study too). Now I can concentrate to blog. Because I’m the type who think that if my blog layout and design haven’t been set like the way I wanted, I couldn’t focus on writing my post (muahaha).

    Now I’m trying to start off again with not-so-serious writing, although in my head I had a lot to share with you all. I hope you enjoy this one.

    My Thoughts on Spicy Korean Noodle

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    Aktiviti untuk Hari Minggu

    Aktiviti untuk Hari Minggu Ni

     Tak lama lagi (lama la sangat, lagi 2 hari  je pun), kita akan ade cuti panjang, yay! Kita ade 3 hari cuti iaitu hari Sabtu, Ahad dan Isnin. Selalunya time cuti macam ni la banyak yang merancang untuk bawak satu family pergi bercuti kan. Kalau yang dah ade plan itu baguslah, inilah masanya nak berseronok. Tapi kalau yang tak ada plan lagi, ni saya nak share sikit aktiviti untuk hari minggu ni.

    7 Aktiviti di Hari Minggu

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    How to wake up early in the morning?

    How to wake up early in the morning

    Feeling hard to wake up in the morning? How to wake up early in the morning? Follow this steps to be an early riser like I do.

    Every morning when I woke up at 5:30am, I will start off my day more productively. The reason why I have this sleeping habits is because first, I don’t like to rush myself get off the bed and went straight to the bathroom, put on my outfit, wear my make up in rushing mode, and look at my clock, walk straight to my car and drove off to office..tik tok tik tok caught in the traffic, and seriously I hate this kind of situation.

    How many of you went through this every working day? How is your sleeping habits? Maybe you still can arrive early, but do you feel that your body will appreciate this?

    Why I like waking up early?

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    Allegiant Review; SPOILER alerts!

    The Divergent Series - Allegiant Movie Review

    Are these Allegiant Movie is as bad as what the movie reviewer said? As I am a Divergent series fans, this is what I have to say about this movie.

    I watched Allegiant on the last friday at The Strand Mall after work feeling so excited I couldn’t wait to watch it because I’ve been an avid fans of The Divergent Series (the book series mostly) and I was having this high expectation that this movie is going to blow my mind because it is the last part of the trilogy. So how does my anticipation turns out to be? This is my thoughts on Allegiant.

    Allegiant Review

    Did I enjoy Divergent? YES. because there so much dauntless there and I love this faction so much.

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