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    South Korea Trip 2016 – Day 3 (Part 1) – Gangchon Rail Park

    at Gapyeong Station

    This part of my trip to South Korea is the most exciting and the one I enjoyed the most. If you love adventure and beautiful green and floral scenery, the Gangchon Rail Park and the famous Nami Island are the places you can’t missed.

    Annyeonghaseyo! We meet again for the 5th part of my South Korea Trip. If you haven’t read my previous South Korea trip post, here are the links.

    Preparation – Part 1, Day 1 – Part 1, Day 2 – Part 1Part 2

    South Korea Trip 2016 – Day 3 (Part 1)

    Gangchon Rail Park

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    How I started my blog #tyratalktime

    Hello again! Now I’m getting serious to post frequently that I even made a schedule so that each week my blog won’t be empty with new posts. Since my whole Monday till Friday is full with work hmm guess what I even talk about my work after office hour even it is not officially doing ‘work’, well office gossip can also considered as work because it is still related to work haha (you get what I’m saying?) That is why I’m telling myself that I should write on the weekend. Do not waste time sitting at the corner thinking what to eat je.

    Before I loaded with all the heavy post, I realized that I should share about this blog; main thing about blogging is you should get used to tell your readers your story.

    And here are my story on how I started my blog

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    2016 Kpop Year End Show Schedule

    Hello~ annyeonghaseyo!


    2016 going to end soon. For all of you kpop lovers already knows that this is the time where lots of award shows and year end show that will be coming to kill your heart (if you know what I mean) because I was once a die hard kpoppers and I know the feeling to protect your fandom. If you are new in kpop industry, every year end and the start of new year there will held Award Shows where the best one will win (nevertheless all group and singers have their own potential). And also there also have year end show where all best songs and groups of the year will perform their songs. This is where you can watch the very best performances in a night.

    I have list out all the year end award show and year end show for you to keep track so you don’t miss out any of this great shows.

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