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    What’s in My March 2017

    Hi guys! I know it’s already two weeks late for What’s in My March post but I still want to do this. Fuh I have been away for so long, right now I miss my blog so much. To be honest I don’t remember how tough it was last month till I sit down and writing this post. Let’s move ahead with What’s in My March, shall we?

    I am starting first with my personal life this time. March was doing pretty good to me. But my handy Iphone suddenly can’t turn on. I was so lost at that time thinking how will I live without my phone (so drama kan). Eventually I brought my phone to the Apple service centre in KLCC and my Iphone now is alive! But sadly, the phone got restored, meaning it deleted all my data and content in the phone like how we get a brand new phone. That was the only option I got to let the phone works again. Thankfully now my phone is functioning well again. But I didn’t do any backup before guys, and I lost lots of important notes, so sad okay.

    And that is the reason why I kinda lost half of my spirit to blog. My drafts and my photos to share on this post were gone. And I don’t remember what I did or what I spend on last March. Losing your precious phone is a syndrome I tell you haha.

    In the end I make the decision to buy a new Iphone because I already eyeing for it for so long. There goes my money – but I am so happy for this at least it cured my sadness.

    So back with other things, remember my bullet journal? There are few things I added up and changed to make my bullet journalling more fun this time. These were:-

    • My March overview – I make it more simple with vertical monthly activity, goal, task and blog followers tracker
    • Habit tracker, personal care tracker and cleaning schedule – I separate this three to make it more organize and easy to track
    • Expenses and spending log – I track my $$ here, but you can see at the end of the month I don’t jot down any because I usually will track my expenses on my phone apps first, but like I said, my phone was restored and I don’t remember what I spent on so it is not accurate
    • Weekly layout – one page for each week is actually practical for me as I don’t usually have too many things to do on weekdays, but on weekend I plan my activity and how long should I spend for it

    I am so angry that my blog host (NetKL) was always down this month. Whenever I wanted to write a post that is the time I can’t login to wordpress and that’s always happen around 7am till 9am weekdays. Well that is my time to write and edit my draft post, and I don’t have much time at all. Sigh. This thing making me so disappointed to blog. Do I need to change hosting now? I don’t blog so much for the past two weeks so I don’t know how Netkl doing now.

    Since this month I have two shows I am so looking forward to watch which are an anime – Attack on Titans Season 2 and my long awaiting TV series ever – Prison Break Season 5, I was so eager and re-watch this two shows.

    Did any of you watch Attack on Titans and Prison Break? How was the new episodes? April currently is my favourite month now because of this shows! I can watch both of this over and over again.

    I also watched Power Rangers and Beauty and the Beast this month (or was it on April? Haha) Power Rangers is just okay for me, I expected it to filled with actions more. Well hopefully we can see more of Power Rangers movie.

    Beauty and the Beast was the best movie I have watched this year. Emma Watson is so pretty I’m in love with her! The story, the songs, the actors, the costumes was simply made to make me feel like a kid again.

    April is all about me getting on track again. Though now is already April 15, I still don’t want to lose hope to blog and write back. I don’t have any plan or ideas to write in April but hopefully I manage to start with full spirit again.

    There you go. Deeply sorry for abandoning this blog. Do leave your blog link so I can visit you guys. Thank you for reading!



    It’s Here! The Traveloka Sale-Abration

    Hello readers! How was your week so far? I know most of you may not have a good one but don’t worry, there have to be something that make you smile today. Maybe you are too tired, got no rest and feel exhausted. Perhaps you need a little encouragement like urmmm spend some time travelling!

    When I heard the work let’s travel or jom cuti! I am super hype. Well if you know me, a short getaway can change my entire mood, I don’t mind if it just 2 days trip as long as I get to be at somewhere else and have delicious food!

    If you had something on your mind *hint* to go for a trip either locally or somewhere a broad, and want to book your flight and hotel easily and fast, you can check out Traveloka website or apps to make everything comes true.

    And what most exciting is Traveloka is having a big Traveloka Sale-Abration! They have irresistible flight deals and outstanding hotel deals you simply cannot missed this out!

    About Traveloka

    If you are still new on the ‘Traveloka’ word, it is a one-stop flight and hotel booking platform for domestic and international destinations that makes searching, booking and managing your next trip hassle-free.

    Basically, you just need to head to their website or mobile application to book your next flight or hotel.

    Why Traveloka?

    Booking Flight Become Easier with Traveloka

    Nowadays with all things going on our daily life, we just want to have our next trip going smoothly and easily without much fuss. Planning, searching, booking and managing your trip going to be much easier with Traveloka because it gives you plenty of option to choose from depending on your preference. Thus it makes your booking more convenience. You won’t need to directly go to each different Airlines to check their flight tickets and waste bunch of your time now. Because with Traveloka it is all in one.

    Check Out the Best Flight Deals and Hotel Deals

    What more is you can get the best flight and hotels deals for your next trip all in one platform. What I like is that you can save more money while having the best trip. Traveloka also provide an honest price review. The price shown on your searching are the final price, no hidden charges – what you see is what you get.

    So, How to Start Booking?

    Head on to Traveloka. Search for your flights. Compare flight deals across multiple airlines and book the best deal value for your money to your dream domestic or international destination. You can get flight deals for every kind of budget – deals as low as RM40 to domestic destinations and below RM100 to international destinations.

    Then search and choose your hotel. Over 100 exclusive Traveloka-only hotel deals for destinations around Southeast Asia to cater for different types of travel purposes to ensure you have a great stay on your next trip.

    Partner hotels have been carefully selected to cater to various types of travel purposes, whether for shopping, visiting cities rich with culture and heritage, relaxing by the beach and many more to ensure you have a great stay for your next trip.

    Interested? Don’t be late guys! Well go straight to now to grab yours before it ends or you can download the Traveloka App here for even greater convenience in booking your next trip! Get any upcoming promos and deals right only from the Apps!

    So don’t miss out this exciting deals by Traveloka. Bring your family and friends along, let this trip bring more happiness to you! Grab this excellent opportunities while it is still on sale guys!


    Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

    Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

    It has been almost four months after my trip to South Korea. I am truly sorry I haven’t complete my traveling story but I promise after I this I will continue okay. Before I forget the whole excitement in Korea, let me share with you first the beauty products I bought in Korea.

    As most of you know the Korean are so concern about look. They took care of their look and their skin from they were young. Thats why also they are lots of surgery clinic that offer plastic surgery services to those who want to change their features.

    If you have been to Korea, or you are keen to know lots about Korea, you already been aware that Korea is cosmetic heaven. There are lots of cosmetic shops and cosmetic brand. The shops are almost everywhere in Korea. I myself was in daze! No wonder the beauty gurus I followed on Youtube was so crazy about Korea cosmetic shopping.

    There are few places I went just specifically to hunt for some beauty product such as Myeondeong and Hongik Street. I tell you I have gone crazy. If you have heard of the brand such as Laneige, Etude House, The Face Shop, Innisfree, Aritaum, Missha, Nature Republic, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, The Saem, Skin Food, Too Cool for School, Hera, IOPE, Banila,co and many more and if you ever thinking of owning the product, this two places that I mentioned have it.

    When I already confirm my trip to Korea, I already aim what I want, thus it make it a lot easier. The things I wanted wasn’t that much, I know I should have bought more but looking at the budget I have in hand, hmm I only get to take whatever I already have in mind.

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    How to Stay Motivated When You Hate Your Job

    If you hate your job but don't feel like quitting so soon, this are ways to keep you stay motivated when you hate your job.

    Do you sometimes feel like you want to quit your job? Don’t lie okay. Most of us do. Not liking all the massive task and the slot in job your boss give at 4pm and need to complete by 5pm? “Ah I hate my boss. I hate my job. I want to quit”. Been there?

    Most of us don’t really mean it but somehow we do right? Well, head straight. None of us want to quit a job that easily even when you feel like it.

    Is quitting or staying is the best solution to your problem? Let’s face it. Quitting will be the last resort of everything. If you are still stuck in your current workplace, you hated your job (like I do, trust me we are in the same boat) and you don’t feel like quitting so soon, this are ways to keep you stay motivated and some tips to make you stay longer in your job.

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    My Bullet Journal and How You Can Start Yours Too

    Hello my sweet readers !

    In this post I will share my bullet journal and how simple and easy it is that you also can start your own bullet journal.

    I started my bullet journal on January this year as it is the best time for me to start my year by starting refresh and plan what I want to achieve by the end of the year.

    Why I choose bullet journal system instead of the plain planner or diary system because in bullet journal I can personalize it the way I want. No pressure at all. Most importantly, I can have the most beautiful organizer in my life.

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    What’s in My February 2017

    Hello there my readers! How is your life going on? How was last month? Last month was so tough (again) for me. I am sharing my What’s in February 2017 a little but late this month but still I am going to share this. the fact I was sick for the last few days on the last week of February is not going to stop me to highlight the main things happen in my February 2017.

    Hello there my readers! How is your life going on? How was last month? Last month was so fun for me as I completed one of my monthly goals. I am sharing my What’s in February 2017 a little but late this month but still I am going to share this. The fact I was sick for the last few days on the last week of February is not going to stop me to highlight the main things happen in my February 2017.

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    Reader Problems Book Tag

    Reader Problems Book Tag

    Every reader loves book. We reached for a book whenever we want to read. If there’s no book to read, this might be a problem to some of us. In my case, I have lots of books to read and my problem is I don’t have enough time read, that my number 1 problem. While there are 101 reader problems, here is a book tag created by Tiffany from Abouttoread, the Reader Problems Book Tag.

    Reader Problems Book Tag

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