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    Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

    Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

    It has been almost four months after my trip to South Korea. I am truly sorry I haven’t complete my traveling story but I promise after I this I will continue okay. Before I forget the whole excitement in Korea, let me share with you first the beauty products I bought in Korea.

    As most of you know the Korean are so concern about look. They took care of their look and their skin from they were young. Thats why also they are lots of surgery clinic that offer plastic surgery services to those who want to change their features.

    If you have been to Korea, or you are keen to know lots about Korea, you already been aware that Korea is cosmetic heaven. There are lots of cosmetic shops and cosmetic brand. The shops are almost everywhere in Korea. I myself was in daze! No wonder the beauty gurus I followed on Youtube was so crazy about Korea cosmetic shopping.

    There are few places I went just specifically to hunt for some beauty product such as Myeondeong and Hongik Street. I tell you I have gone crazy. If you have heard of the brand such as Laneige, Etude House, The Face Shop, Innisfree, Aritaum, Missha, Nature Republic, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, The Saem, Skin Food, Too Cool for School, Hera, IOPE, Banila,co and many more and if you ever thinking of owning the product, this two places that I mentioned have it.

    When I already confirm my trip to Korea, I already aim what I want, thus it make it a lot easier. The things I wanted wasn’t that much, I know I should have bought more but looking at the budget I have in hand, hmm I only get to take whatever I already have in mind.

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    How to Stay Motivated When You Hate Your Job

    If you hate your job but don't feel like quitting so soon, this are ways to keep you stay motivated when you hate your job.

    Do you sometimes feel like you want to quit your job? Don’t lie okay. Most of us do. Not liking all the massive task and the slot in job your boss give at 4pm and need to complete by 5pm? “Ah I hate my boss. I hate my job. I want to quit”. Been there?

    Most of us don’t really mean it but somehow we do right? Well, head straight. None of us want to quit a job that easily even when you feel like it.

    Is quitting or staying is the best solution to your problem? Let’s face it. Quitting will be the last resort of everything. If you are still stuck in your current workplace, you hated your job (like I do, trust me we are in the same boat) and you don’t feel like quitting so soon, this are ways to keep you stay motivated and some tips to make you stay longer in your job.

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    My Bullet Journal and How You Can Start Yours Too

    Hello my sweet readers !

    In this post I will share my bullet journal and how simple and easy it is that you also can start your own bullet journal.

    I started my bullet journal on January this year as it is the best time for me to start my year by starting refresh and plan what I want to achieve by the end of the year.

    Why I choose bullet journal system instead of the plain planner or diary system because in bullet journal I can personalize it the way I want. No pressure at all. Most importantly, I can have the most beautiful organizer in my life.

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    What’s in My February 2017

    Hello there my readers! How is your life going on? How was last month? Last month was so tough (again) for me. I am sharing my What’s in February 2017 a little but late this month but still I am going to share this. the fact I was sick for the last few days on the last week of February is not going to stop me to highlight the main things happen in my February 2017.

    Hello there my readers! How is your life going on? How was last month? Last month was so fun for me as I completed one of my monthly goals. I am sharing my What’s in February 2017 a little but late this month but still I am going to share this. The fact I was sick for the last few days on the last week of February is not going to stop me to highlight the main things happen in my February 2017.

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    Reader Problems Book Tag

    Reader Problems Book Tag

    Every reader loves book. We reached for a book whenever we want to read. If there’s no book to read, this might be a problem to some of us. In my case, I have lots of books to read and my problem is I don’t have enough time read, that my number 1 problem. While there are 101 reader problems, here is a book tag created by Tiffany from Abouttoread, the Reader Problems Book Tag.

    Reader Problems Book Tag

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    The Reasons I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

    The Reasons I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

    Most of us, blogger uses the Blogger to start a blog because it is easy and cheap. We can always start running a blog without using any penny and back then we have lots of template tutorial or blogskin to choose from.

    Previously I don’t ever remember myself trying to learn anything in Blogger, everything is so easy as you just need to write and publish as we already have a domain when we first setup as Blogger. I was comfortable there, not going to lie. I was in Blogger since 2009, hell if I am not I won’t be staying there for straight seven years.

    That is why, back then I never thought of changing my blogging platform.

    So why I actually moved from Blogger to WordPress?

    The Reasons I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

    Blogger Login Mail is Not Mine

    Firstly, the main reason I hated my blog in blogger because of the mailing address they used was not mine. And I was not happy at all. I didn’t know what happen actually. We will normally used google account to login to, I used my yahoo account to login to google. Back then I don’t have a gmail account which was my mistake because did you know gmail and google account actually linked?

    When my mom uses my laptop and she created a new gmail account which was for her office e-mailing address, and straight after that, her email address was already link with my google and blogger account. I still can login to my google account using my yahoo email, but soon I detected my primary email address in blogger was my mom email address and I could not change that.

    You know I can still write but when I commented on someone post, it linked to the google account and automatically they used the primary email address for any follow up reply. And seriously I hate to see that.

    Terrible Blogger Commenting System

    Did any of you like the blogger commenting system? It sucks to me. When I am replying and publish my reply to the commenter, the page will refresh and I am taking extra time to wait for the page to load again just to reply comment.

    When I saw lots of blogger started using Disqus, and I love how Disqus works so without further ado I created a Disqus commenting system for my blog. But it didn’t work. To be precise, Disqus didn’t properly sync my old comment to my Disqus. So again I was stuck in Blogger comment system.

    Ugly Blogger Dashboard

    When did Blogger changes it dashboard to a new one? God I don’t want to remember that. Seriously it looks horrible.

    Missing Draft Post

    Blogger new dashboard was literally already making me sick, then you know I was so angry when Blogger did not save my draft post. After all that hardwork of writing, the hour I spent to actually focus on my post, I remembered hitting that save button before closing the tab, the next day, the draft post was gone. Fuck that.

    All of the reasons above may be due to my personal reasons, but after a deeper and more serious read I had, I have made the decision to moved to WordPress. So these are the real reasons I moved from Blogger to WordPress and why you should switch to WordPress.

    Full Control Over Your Blog

    After being tremendously frustrated over all the reasons above, then Erin posted about WordPress. I never actually learn and read what and how WordPress work. So I spend my time on reading and understanding about WordPress. Upon that I knew I wanted to change to WordPress so badly.

    Primary because I know that I actually own my website. All content in Blogger is actually run by google. google has the right to take down your blog at any time. That scare me like shit. God knows if something happen, I won’t be able to save my precious blog.

    In WordPress you will control and build everything which I think it gives personal satisfactory to myself. Seriously now I feel like I am working on my own workspace.

    Beautiful Themes

    WordPress theme are so beautiful. They have lots of design option you can choose from. But of course the paid themes are more eye-catching to me. When I stumble upon a WordPress blog, I really love how it looked so professional and pretty!

    Easy and More Functions

    Since we have to handle everything on our own, WordPress provides more option in term of handling your blog. We can choose our own self-hosted platform depend on our own needs. There are also tons of plugins to choose from.

    Plugins make it easier for us to handle our blog. When I was in Blogger, there a lots of thing I want to add in my blog, though there are tutorials, but it wasn’t as easy if you don’t have a good knowledge in the coding. Everything I need is there in WordPress. Easy and fast. Each of my problems was easily solved (read my previous post) thanks to the tutorial and plugins!

    Search Ranking

    By having a SEO plugins, trust me it is a good way you can have a better search ranking. When your post have a higher grade in the SEO, the chances your post come up first in the search ranking (you know when people search for something on the net like ‘Favourite Movie to Watch’, it will be in the top of the search engine), so this is a great way to build up your traffic.

    That is the reasons why I moved from Blogger to WordPress. Of course you can choose which platform to blog, that is your choice. But, personally I think you can grow your blog faster in WordPress (of course with lots of effort) and you won’t be regreting at all. I regretted not moving to WordPress earlier.

    If you are serious about blogging (I mean if you don’t  mind spending lots of money to be self-hosted and paid theme), I think WordPress is a best option over Blogger.

    Share with me which platform have you used? And the reasons why you switched?



    Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse

    Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse

    Since I shared my trip to South Korea few months ago, I got few mails about people asking everything I know about my stay in Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse because I can feel you guys. Deciding where to stay when travelling is the most important part on top of all, especially if you are in a tight budget.

    This time around I just feel I need to conclude my trip to Seoul first before starting to the next destination, Busan. At least I can feel proud I have completed my travelogue in Seoul.

    If you don’t know how to decide your staying place if you have a plan to travel, here are some tips you can used.

    • Set your budget – when you have a certain budget for your accommodation, from there you can decide on what type of accommodation you can choose from, whether to stay in Hotel, Hostel, Apartment or Guesthouse.
    • Location – when your stay is nearer to the city area or tourist attraction, the cost are mostly higher than the one located a bit further. Do also check where is the nearest public transportation station so it will be easier for you to move around.
    • Needs – decide what you need in a stay like sharing bathroom or private bathroom, cooking area, breakfast service, laundry service, room service, etc.
    • Reviews – you can check the reviews on the booking page like agoda,, trivago, expedia and also blogs before deciding which one suits you the best.

    The one I choose for my stay in Seoul was Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse, Dongdaemun.

    Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse, Dongdaemun

    Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse

    During my 6 days and 5 nights in Seoul, I stayed at Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse, located at Dongdaemun. I actually had a hard time remembering where I stayed, it only been few months please where you at memories? I feel so blank and lost and I don’t really remember where I save all my trips file. Thank God I found everything back hihi.

    Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse


    This stay is hosted by 4 mens, they are friendly, can speak English well and can help you if you have any inquiry. If you are in a budget, this can be the Guesthouse for you. Our stay at Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse cost about RM1,152.00 for four people for five nights, makes it RM228.00 per person.


    Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse located at the city center of Seoul, Dongdaemun, not far from Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Doota Mall and other tourist attraction places. It takes only five minutes walk from Dongdaemun Station (Line 1 or Line 4, Exit #4).

    Guesthouse in Seoul - Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse

    Click this link for the direction to this guesthouse.

    Though the street from the subway station can get dark if its already late, there are convenient shop like 7 eleven, Watsons and Medical Shop along the way from the subway station.


    Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse

    Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse located in a three storey building, but only uses the first and second floor for the accommodation. The main counter, kitchen, laundry place and gathering place area located at the first floor. Our room was at the first floor which was so convenient to us because everything is near.

    What you get in a room for four people : 2 double storey beds, a private bathroom with hot and cold shower complete with shampoo and body wash, a long size mirror, place to hang clothes, a small cabinet to store your stuff, room air conditioner, room heater, a stool, two good morning towels, one hair dryer, television, and wifi internet.

    Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse

    What you get in this room for 4 people (photos from Seoul Dalbit Website)

    You can check out other rooms here.


    Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse

    What the gathering/common area look like

    • They provide room service, so you don’t need to clean your room and bathroom every day.
    • All the room are complete with cozy bedding and pillows.
    • Rooms are locked using the card system.
    • Laundry service.
    • You can use the computer provided at the gathering area.

    What I Like

    • Good location. It is near to the subway station, 7 eleven is also around the corner.
    • Good hospitality service. The host will help you to carry your luggage from the ground floor. They are so helpful and good looking too haha.
    • Of course a clean room. Who like dirty and smelly room, urgh disgusting.
    • Provided with laundry service. They have a washing machine there, all you need is to inform them and pay around 3,000 won per times and you can used the laundry. Once the clothes are washed, you need to hang and dry yourself at the second floor with the drying rack they provide.
    • Free breakfast. They will serve breakfast at 8.00am till 10.00 am with cereals I think.
    • Kitchen is complete with microwave, free flow cold and hot water, cooking area, rice cooker and rice too. It is convenient to those who are planning to cook during your stay, like we did.

    What I Dislike

    • Limited room space. With the price, you only got a small limited space. This can be quite inconvenient if you have lots of luggage.
    • You don’t have a cupboard or wardrobe where you can keep your clothes.
    • No iron in the room. Please bring your own if you plan to iron your clothes.
    • No dryer for wet clothes. As I mentioned, you need to hang your clothes yourself.
    • They don’t provide towels.
    • If you plan to eat outside halal food, I am sorry there is not one near the guesthouse.

    Overall, I enjoyed my stay here at Seoul Dalbit. I wouldn’t mind staying here again as I really like the location of this place and the services they provide. Just perfect for my short trip in Seoul, keeping all the memories in the Guesthouse deep in my heart. Oh how I miss the smell of Seoul right now. Read my full journey in Seoul if you miss that out.

    If you are interested or want a full view of Seoul Dalbit Guesthouse, click their official website for more.

    Have you been to Seoul? Where do you stay?