About Me

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Atheera Dayana is this website name and the owner’s name. I go by the name of – Tyra or Atheera or Thiru. I am 1989-babies. Been blogging since 2011 to share my interest. 2016 is the year where I re-enter the blogging community focusing on anything I like to do particularly in sharing lifestyle tips, reviewing movies, books, and sharing my trip to different places. I enjoyed reading anything related to beauty and lifestyle post.

I missed writing and having new blogger friends. I talked before on how I started my blog as this is only a brief.

Don’t feel shy and awkward to talk to me guys. I can be reach at :


Or if you want to get to know me a little bit more, I did tell about myself here.

Here are something about myself that I wanna share with you:-

 ☆ I love writing and reading. I used to write and read fanficton.

☆ I am Degree holder in Quantity Surveying, now working as Quantity Surveyor since 2013 (thank God I survive this past years)

☆  5 years working experiences made me realized that nothing come easy in life. You have to give in your fullest effort in order to gain something.

☆  Doesn’t like to linger around without any reason to do so.

☆  I love make ups just because I like to look pretty.

☆  Not skinny.

☆  Not tall.

☆  Love horror movie.

Till then,

Enjoy this little journey of my story here.  Thank you for reading. Thank you for your time.

Lets be friend!