MCO Making Me Read Again

MCO Making Me Read Again

Hello everyone!

I know I have been hiatus for so long but I never forget about my blog. The truth is, I have been busy with something else. Such as..reading. Thank you MCO, now I read again.

Yes, I am back to share with you another part of me which I have been neglecting for quite long. I am now reading a book – again. I don’t know why I stopped to read, eventhough I have lots of book left on my bookshelf pending to read.

Just let that become a mystery, now I am happily back sharing something that can be a point for me to start writing again.

How did I find the ‘button’ to read again? Thanks to all the good booktok account I found on Tiktoks (orchidslibrary, whatafireads, zarareadshere). I am sure most of readers are familiar with their name. Their tiktok kept appearing on my FYP, and I am hooked! That’s how and what triggered me to start looking at my bookshelf.

reading, book, read

How my bookshelf look like now

The first book I picked up was ‘Legend’ by Marie Lu, and from there I slowly picked up a book then find a good free time to read. And what come after the book was definitely a memory for me, I have read lots of great books since April this year.

More and more book recommendations came in my FYP, and I’ve known lots of booktok / bookstagram account and tell you what, I am so busy keeping with my TBR list as well as buying more books. And I have never feel like I need to go out to meet my friends (which was good right).

Being at home for the whole I don’t know how many months now? were such a blessed and thank you for all the book sale held by the local bookstores. I am so happy I spend my money and time on something really satisfactory for myself. 

For now what I can say here that, I want to share more on what I’ve read. Because reading is fun. 

Book / story can make you happy, sad and lift up your mood. They make you forget you can’t go out to meet your friends. I don’t have to plan for a short vacation but I am planning on how should I finish reading all the books I own and how should I spend my money now. I am trying to write a book review, that’s a lesson I need to learn. That’s a good plan right?

See you again, of course I am going to share with you a book review soon. I only write only 1 post on book review here, but it’s okay. Never to late to start something right?


Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana