12 Things

12 Things

Hello readers! Couple of days ago, while I was blogwalking I came across this pretty blog and I thought of making a good comeback (again) with 12 Things (December 2018 edition) or just a quick recap on what happen this month.

12 Things

One // Year End Sale. Sale was everywhere (online and offline) and luckily I didn’t get caught of spending my money by this. Good job Atheera. Well, except for buying books. And candles.

Two // Talking about books. I went to Big Bad Wolf this year and bought quite a lot of interesting books including becoming a personal shopper. I never thought of this before but well at least I am helping others too. BBW2018 haul post maybe later?

Three // I spent one weekend for a relaxing staycation at Zenith Putrajaya Hotel. Turns out I was lucky to find Thai Food Festival around the corner. I feel like I was travelling to Thailand for a while and indulging myself with good food.

Four // I had a facial appointment after so long of not having my face pampered and clean. I found a good deal at FAVE and went for the first treatment and then I sign up for their session. Spent so much on this but they offered me a good package so why not right?

Five // I found new place to have a delicious food near my workplace. Have you heard of mykori dessert ? They served shaved ice with variety of flavors and toast with flavored ice cream too. They have lot of branches around KL & Selangor and I am sure to have more soon.

Six // Another food that I discovered near my workplace may look like a typical rice with ‘ayam masak kicap’ dish. But this stall called ‘3 Budak Gemok’ served the rice and chicken with ‘sambal lecek’. So spicy but perfect for my level.

Seven // Have you watched this high rating K-Drama – The Last Empress? I watch an episode at my friend house and straight after that I watch the first episode till the latest episode. The story was so intense with so many conflict and plot twist. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Eight // End of the year so it’s the time for me to clear my 2018 annual leave. I still have plenty of balance leave but I still couldn’t decide if I should finish it by next month or by February as I plan for a short food trip again.

Nine // I’ve been eyeing for a new phone but I am forcing myself to wait for next year so I keep ran away whenever I saw Machines (but this store keep calling me everytime I am near them, ah please help)

Ten // I tried to control my eating by adopting Intermittent Fasting (IF) method. IF is easier than other diet method. You just schedule your day when to eat and when to fast. But you still can drink plain water when you fast. What I did was, I fast at 9pm till 12pm the next day and eat at 12pm till 9pm, and the routine continue. I only just lost less than 3 kilo but I do feel my body is lighter.

Eleven // I watched lot of movies this month. All of them were so good. If you followed my Instagram account, you should know what movie I watched. Movie Reviews coming soon especially for you.

Twelve // The last one goes for my blog. My self-hosting blog will be 1 year old next January. It’s time for me to renew my hosting and do some cleaning and maybe a simple revamp for my blog. I will stick with using this template but I definitely will change the look and the color theme.

That’s all. See, I thought I don’t have much to share but I’m wrong. There’s always a room for us to try something new everyday.

Like the quote ‘365 days, 365 new adventures’. I hope all of you stay healthy on this holiday season. 

Hug and kisses. <3 See you on the next post.

Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana