How is My Life So Far – 6 Months Later

How is My Life So Far – 6 Months Later

Hello to all of my dearest readers and friends. I know that I have not been writing as regularly as before but this time as I have some free time, I pick up my laptop and just sit down, relax and write something.  Do you still want to know what I have been doing, feeling, watching and reading lately? To do a monthly post about this seem impossible now that I am super busy working Monday to Friday and managing lots of things since I lost my mom last April.

As lots of things changes in my life for the past few months, I want to share with you on what I have been doing, what changes did I make to adjust my life and what is my current obsessions to cheer myself again.

I know lots of you who followed my Instagram and watches my IG stories might think that I always have something fun to do despite that I just lost my parents few months back. To be honest I spent most of my time on my social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) account to distract myself from all the negative feels.

How do I feel lately? Life still goes on and I need to face the world. Work has been tougher than before. My eating schedule was off. On weekend if I’m lazy to go out, I just sleep and forget to eat. I can’t cook and eat at home because I might throw the food because there’s still lots of leftover and I can’t keep that food for a week. Coming home after work is the hardest. Do I want to show you how I empty I feel when I entered my home? No. That feeling can’t be shown or describe virtually. You can’t feel the emptiness I felt at that time. I rush off to get back, but when I arrive home, I feel empty. There’s no one waiting for me anymore. There’s no one who ask me how’s work today, have I eat my dinner and giving me advice.

That is why now after work and I finish showering, I head up to bed maybe after watching 1 episode on Netflix, I will sleep as early at 9pm. This repeated while on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – I have more responsibilities to handle. Saturday is my busiest day. I need to do house chores (laundry, cleaning kitchen, bathrooms, mop and dust the floor, arrange and iron the clothes) all by myself. I have to take care of the household as there no mom to help me anymore.

All the free time I have after that is where I need to spend wisely from going out with friend, planning for the week ahead, watching Netflix and also working on part time job.

I am now a Cuckoo Agent, still a newbie but I am trying my best to give the best service. If you want to know what will Cuckoo offer for Water Purifier and Air Purifier, you can check out my Instagram for more details.

Watching Netflix is not new thing on my daily free-time routine. But I am spending more time on Netflix now and trying to catch up on the latest series despite having lots of old series on queue.

Series I am currently watching are:-

  • Orange is the New Black
  • The 100
  • Modern Family
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Elite
  • Dynasty

Other than watching Netflix, I also spend my time on re-designing my house and shopping for furniture and decorations. I choose simple and minimalist theme for my living and dining area. To be honest that’s the only thing that keep me occupied and busy right now. I guess that is my new hobby for now. Once I’m done I don’t know what I’m gonna do next.

I really hope I will keep this pace and continue being strong though I keep feeling down and demotivated whenever life doesn’t turn out the way I wanted. If you ever feel like you are failing, just remember this quote “Keep going. Each step may get harder, but don’t stop. The view at the top is beautiful”

What post you want me to write next? I keep forgetting about this blog and when I do remember, I scroll through this blog and feel so grateful I have come this far. I love my blog and my beloved readers so much, pray for me so I can keep writing.

Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana