Monthly Highlights – What’s Good and Bad

I swear to you nothing new is happening in my life when I was gone for more than a month. So what’s new last month?

My monthly highlights or monthly favourite posts have not been posted regularly as a ‘monthly’ post. I swear to you nothing new is happening in my life when I was gone for more than a month. Reasons why I did not post anything are because I lack of ideas and I have been way too comfortable with the free and easy weekend. I love doing monthly highlight because this is the easiest way I can talk freely and rambling with you guys.

So what’s new last month? Did any of you me miss me? Time flew by so fast now we are going to welcome 2018. My wordpress blog is going to hit the 1st year anniversary next month and I still could not believe it myself (thankfully my blog hosting email a reminder invoice to me or not I would not remember this). It’s been almost a year I look and feel proud of my blog, need to mention that now I feel the urge to change my blog theme because I feel it was already old but the theme I am eyeing for so long is so expansive it make me think 100 times before I hit the purchase button. One of my 2018 dream is new wordpress theme, mark and note this on my planner so I will work harder.

New Productive Activity – Taking Photos

The past months have been good to me. I did lot of activity during the weekend, one of it is taking batch photos . I have been practicing taking photos with white background and any props that I have. I wanted to use that photos for my blog (one of it is the title photo for this post) but end up keeping it for myself. It is still okay because I can use it for future.

Bringing All That Good Memory – Contemporary Books

I have been enjoying reading contemporary books by Morgan Matson – Since You’ve Been Gone and John Green – Turtles All The Way Down. Each book has its own attractive way for expressing their teenage relationship which makes me giggles alone in the corner. I missed reading less serious book like these two. I think one day when I feel old already I might want to read these books again. Oh wait, maybe I should group together all my favourite contemporary books so I can reach for it easily.

Addiction – Family Mart

I found my new favourite place where there are lots of good foods and I always come this place at least twice a week even though it is not near to my house. If you followed my Instagram stories you may noticed that I absolutely love Family Mart. I love their Oden with the spicy broth and their cheesecake flavoured ice cream. The ice cream is heaven! Sadly the cheesecake flavour has discontinued and replaced with Melon flavour. Still a yummy taste but cannot beat the cheesecake flavour. RIP cheesecake ice cream.

Worth watching TV Series – The Good Wife, Stranger Things and Riverdale

I’ve started watching The Good Wife and it is so damn good. I love all of the characters especially Alicia, Will and Cary. The political scandals and drama are something that I enjoy watching on this series. Do recommend me any shows involving lawsuit and crime scene.

Two other TV series that I enjoy watching are Riverdale and Stranger Things. First let’s talk about Stranger Things. I love everything on this show. It so addictive I could not stop watching until the last episode of season 2. I feel that this show is made for me – the Sci-Fi, the mystery and everything revolves with fantasy.

Riverdale on the other hand is rather a chic teenage drama but with a darker plot. I found that all the murder events and finding the killer is too much and unrealistic. I am just losing hope for this show and hopefully I can find a good series to watch.

Personal – What is Happening with My Skin?

My skin has gone to its worse condition ever. I get pimples every day and the scarring not getting better. I gave my skin a good rest (means no make-up) for a week but it didn’t help. I really hate the ugly dots on my face and right now I am trying new face oil to make my skin look good again. Apart from my terrible skin, my hair scalp has become so oily and I have a damaged hair. I was so fed up so I give a massive hair cut to my long hair.

That’s it for this monthly highlights. I hope all of you have a great day and started to plan for your 2018 resolutions as its coming to the end of 2017. Oh I love December and the holidays.

Here is one of the photos during my trip to Korea last year. Ouch I missed travelling.

Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana