My Travel Mistakes to Perhentian Island

We hope for the best with little planning but unfortunately we can’t control everything. Here is common travel mistakes and how you can avoid them.

All of us wanted an exciting trip. Whether it is ‘long planning’ or a last minute trip, we always hope for the best. Nevertheless, sometimes we all make mistakes even though we already travel for several times. We hope for the best with little planning but unfortunately we can’t control everything. Here is my travel mistakes to Perhentian Island and how you can avoid them.

My Travel Mistakes to Perhentian Island

Recently I went for a short escape to Perhentian Island, what make it different this time (than my previous trip to Perhentian) is not many of my close one knew I was there. I have to make my trip private as this is a trip where we (four of us) don’t want anyone else to know beside our family. So there’s no photos of us laying by the beach on my blog. I want to but I can’t.

Which make it Mistake #1.

Mistake #1

Private Trip

So, it is a private trip. But it is still a trip. But the perks are – everything have to remain unknown to others. I can’t share my trip out loud to others. I can’t share my photos. I can’t do insta story. I can’t show what activity I did there. We have to talk via WhatsApp to make plans. I can’t let my skin get burnt because people will questions. I have to make a thick face whenever they ask where did I go. Not easy. And I knew some people already questioning and they will keep guessing. So, till when we should keep it private? Let’s just wait and see.

Mistake #2

Choosing Snorkelling Package

Choosing the package was easy this time. We didn’t ask around. We pick a few and compare them with our budget. We didn’t questions the whole snorkelling activities. This is not my first visit as I’ve mentioned. So supposedly I know what activity I want to do. I have lots of expectations and I look forward to have a better trip than the last one. But – I did not like the tour this time. It was too short plus we started late because the agent wasn’t punctual. The guy who took us around also wasn’t really friendly and helpful compare to my previous snorkelling trip.

Tips:- Whether you pay just for 1 day snorkelling trip or together with accommodations and meals please make sure you know what the snorkelling trip will take you. There are packages with 5 points and there are also with 6 points. The basic snorkelling trip will includes the fish point, shark point, turtle point and coral view point. While some package will include the lighthouse point. Do check the reviews before choosing the right package.

Mistake #3

Not Checking the Accommodation

Our stay located near the beach, near to restaurants and take around 15 minutes walks to the Long Beach, which was why we choose this stay, because this time I want to experience the Long Beach night activity. The bad news is, the chalet we book was dreadful. It was the cheapest room around that area. Later then we know why we got this room. For a stay nearer to the Long Beach, it cost higher. But we got what we pay. If you want to know more on this, you can PM me, I don’t want to mention the place here.

Tips:- check the rates and review before you book your stay. If you want a cheaper room but with better service, you can stay at Kampung Nelayan, but it is further to Long Beach and you have to pay for boat services if you want to go to Long Beach.

Mistake #4

Flight Arrangement

Here’s what you need to know. Upon arriving Kota Bharu airport, you need a transport to get to the Jetty (Kuala Besut Jetty) which will take around 30 minutes. Then from the Jetty, you need to take the boat to Perhentian Island. This boat transfer are scheduled at 9.30 a.m, 11.00 a.m, 2.00 p.m and 4.00 p.m. The earliest at 9.30 am and the latest at 4.00 pm. Because we didn’t check the boat schedule properly, we mistakenly took a return flight to Kuala Lumpur at 8.00 in the morning on the fourth day. How can we reach airport before 8 when the first boat transfer to the jetty is at 9.30 am? So how did we solve this? We check out on the third day and take the 4.00 pm boat and thankfully we found a cheap homestay in Kota Bharu. We wasted 1 free day in Perhentian Island which was unfortunate and nothing we can do about it.

Tips:- I suggest that your transport to Kuala Besut arrived not later than 3pm and to make it on time, please book your boat transfer especially during the holidays. Otherwise you need to find place to stay before catching up the next day boat transfer. Same goes to your return transport. Do not book a return ticket before 11am (unless you are travel by road from Kuala Besut).

Mistake #5

Choosing Travel Partner

There are lots of fun activities you can do instead for snorkelling. I know we can go hiking to see beautiful scenery up on the hill. I didn’t get a chance to do that this time because we didn’t have much time and no one else want to join me. So we ended up drinking smoothies for hours in a cafe. Not what I have imagine. Maybe next time I will choose someone who have the same mind as me.

Tips:- Choose someone who have the same passion as you, and someone who have the same expectation in the activities, eating and accommodation. You will also need them to be well absorb in anything that happen during the trip.

Though there are many mistake I make on this trip, I still enjoyed the beach, the people and the fun activities. Always bear in mind that there can be lots of unexpected things when you are traveling which will make your trip more fun, memorable and personal.

Have you make any travel mistake before?
Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana