Five Happy Things This Week

Five Happy Things This Week

A quick recap of Five Happy Things happen last week. Forget all the hectic day I have been having because there’s always a better way to be happy.

Last weekend was the worst feeling I had. I am too carried away by the workload I need to do which made me feel so weak, I thought about every single thing, curse about the little time I had thus it ruins my mood. I thought that this is the worst month ever and I hate that I need to rush everything.

That got me thinking, I had so much things I can be happy about, even for the first few days of the week. I enjoyed my life, then why would I feel so weak and restless by the end of the week. To wrap up everything in a monthly favorites post will take two more weeks and I know I will definitely forget the single happy thing that happen because we are human, we only remember the main event.

This weekly happy things post is so helpful for someone who always feels emotional and moody like me. Like I said, I had a hectic Thursday-Friday-cums-my-weekend kinda day, but let just forget about the damn thing and focus on the positive things.

Five Happy Things – Third Week of July

1. Cough No More

I had a terrible cough since the second day of Raya. You know the kind of cough that could not stop, I could feel that my throat is going to get cut and it was so damn itchy all the time. I am so tired of coughing, I tried few different cough syrup and it wasn’t working. Till then my friend suggested a cough syrup that save my life. It is the Prospan Cough Syrup – Dried Ivy Leaf Extract. This is the best.

I stopped coughing after five days, isn’t that great? Now I can start shouting and laughing like I used to. 

2. Skin Getting Better

I had a terrible skin before Raya. Acne scars here and there, and the worst part is I had dried patches/few lines under my eyes – my right eye to be exact. I can’t use a concealer to cover my dark circles because it will worsen the patches. So I skipped covering my under eyes then there goes panda eyes all the way.

The best thing is, I went from full face makeup to the no makeup look every day. At least my skin can breathe and guess what, my scars fading day by day. My new skincare may help the process but I still think the non-makeup on my face help more.

Now I’m going to put less makeup, at least I will skip using foundation because I prefer a clear and smooth face that I can worry less about going out with a naked face.

3. Korean Drama All the Way

The Master of the Mask ended – I enjoyed watching the last four episodes. It had so much impact on me. I cried all the way till the drama ended. I think so far this is the best Korean drama this year. Another drama that I watched since this last Saturday is Fight for My Way. I watched this non-stop. I still have four episodes left which will definitely finished by today or tomorrow and I don’t know which drama to watch after this since I am too picky. Suggestions anyone?

4. Braces Monthly Visit

I have stopped my monthly braces visit for a year. 1 year long. I felt no guilt at that moment but now I regretted it. My braces should be off this year, but for now what I can say is that I think it is going to take longer because my teeth doesn’t seem to look any improvement. But at last I resume my braces monthly visit. Better start now then never right? I passed through my entire doctor’s rambling on the day I met him and totally agree why he is mad haha. I hope I can continue to do the monthly check up and I will start monitoring my teeth each week.

5. La Senza Semi-Annual Sale

I cannot miss this semi-annual sale. The sales ended on the last day of June and I manage to bought some which I ordered them online at their websites. I was hesitated at first but I am glad I did. All of my items arrived last week (which took only eleven days from the day I ordered, shipping and final delivery day) and I am so happy! I got to have new bras and yeah I am still looking forward for the Annual Sale by end of this year.

That’s it for this week – this five happy things that brought rainbows and colors to my week. I look forward for a better week next week (I still hope this Monday, all my problems will be settle one by one). But still finger cross! I can see few things coming up to bring sunshine to my day and yeah like I mentioned here, a short vacation coming soon.

How is your last week so far?

What made you happy last week?

Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana