What’s in My March 2017

Hi guys! I know it’s already two weeks late for What’s in My March post but I still want to do this. Fuh I have been away for so long, right now I miss my blog so much. To be honest I don’t remember how tough it was last month till I sit down and writing this post. Let’s move ahead with What’s in My March, shall we?

I am starting first with my personal life this time. March was doing pretty good to me. But my handy Iphone suddenly can’t turn on. I was so lost at that time thinking how will I live without my phone (so drama kan). Eventually I brought my phone to the Apple service centre in KLCC and my Iphone now is alive! But sadly, the phone got restored, meaning it deleted all my data and content in the phone like how we get a brand new phone. That was the only option I got to let the phone works again. Thankfully now my phone is functioning well again. But I didn’t do any backup before guys, and I lost lots of important notes, so sad okay.

And that is the reason why I kinda lost half of my spirit to blog. My drafts and my photos to share on this post were gone. And I don’t remember what I did or what I spend on last March. Losing your precious phone is a syndrome I tell you haha.

In the end I make the decision to buy a new Iphone because I already eyeing for it for so long. There goes my money – but I am so happy for this at least it cured my sadness.

So back with other things, remember my bullet journal? There are few things I added up and changed to make my bullet journaling more fun this time. These were:-

  • My March overview – I make it more simple with vertical monthly activity, goal, task and blog followers tracker
  • Habit tracker, personal care tracker and cleaning schedule – I separate this three to make it more organize and easy to track
  • Expenses and spending log – I track my $$ here, but you can see at the end of the month I don’t jot down any because I usually will track my expenses on my phone apps first, but like I said, my phone was restored and I don’t remember what I spent on so it is not accurate
  • Weekly layout – one page for each week is actually practical for me as I don’t usually have too many things to do on weekdays, but on weekend I plan my activity and how long should I spend for it

I am so pissed-off that my blog host (NetKL) was always down this month. Whenever I wanted to write a post that is the time I can’t login to wordpress and that’s always happen around 7am till 9am weekdays. Well that is my time to write and edit my draft post, and I don’t have much time at all. Sigh. This thing making me so disappointed to blog. Do I need to change hosting now? I don’t blog so much for the past two weeks so I don’t know how Netkl doing now.

Since this month I have two shows I am so looking forward to watch which are an anime – Attack on Titans Season 2 and my long awaiting TV series ever – Prison Break Season 5, I was so eager and re-watch this two shows.

Did any of you watch Attack on Titans and Prison Break? How was the new episodes? April currently is my favourite month now because of this shows! I can watch both of this over and over again.

I also watched Power Rangers and Beauty and the Beast this month (or was it on April? Haha) Power Rangers is just okay for me, I expected it to filled with actions more. Well hopefully we can see more of Power Rangers movie.

Beauty and the Beast was the best movie I have watched this year. Emma Watson is so pretty I’m in love with her! The story, the songs, the actors, the costumes was simply made to make me feel like a kid again.

April is all about me getting on track again. Though now is already April 15, I still don’t want to lose hope to blog and write back. I don’t have any plan or ideas to write in April but hopefully I manage to start with full spirit again.

There you go. Deeply sorry for abandoning this blog. Do leave your blog link so I can visit you guys. Thank you for reading!


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  • mesti frust bila handphone rosak kan. rasa mcm empty n lifeless je bila tak ada handphone hahaha xD

    • Aah rasa lifeless. Sampai otak jdi blank and tak boleh focus buat ape ape haha

  • You can always try to contact your host if your blog is down 🙂 I am sure they are willing to help.

    Which iPhone did you buy? 😀

    • Ok next time i will try to contact them. Hopefully my blog won’t encounter something like that again.
      I bought 6s 🙂

  • Siqah Hussin

    Bukan drama Teera. Kalau phone Siqah rosak pun, Siqah lost. Semua benda dalam phone sekarang T_T Sayangnya part semua gambar hilang. Gambar kat Korea sekali ke tu dear?

    Teera, Siqah tak faham sangat bab hosting ni. So ada kesan eh tetiba tak boleh login wordpress? Sebab hosting sendiri ke camne? Mohon pencerahan.

    • Gambar kt korea nasib dah save. and nasib jugak ade google photos, boleh bukak gambar g korea haritu.

      rasenye la kot klu hosting ade prob xleh login wordpress. tapi haritu guna browser tak boleh, tapi bila try guna chrome boleh pulak. tyra pun tak sure kenapa.

  • Alya Farhanah Mohd Tarmizee

    Watch 13 Reasons Why, Whose Line Is It Anyway or According to Jim. You’ll love it!

  • Razanah Anis

    My phone rosak jugak and I felt like dying thinking of the needs of changing it.. Q_Q

    • hopefully your phone’s working fine before the time you change. at least for now you still can save some money first

  • Hi atheera! it’s really depressing (is it too much?) when your phone is not functioning. But glad that you get yourself a new iphone which you’ve been eyeing for! 🙂 . I don’t know much about hosting and stuff, but I hope you can find any ample time to update your blog haha. Finallyyyy, you’ve got a very nice handwriting and quite systematic! I love it how you put things in your notebook. very neat.

    • i hope i can spend some time on my blog like before.
      my handwriting not nice la. i am trying to improve so i feel satisfied hehe.
      thanks for your compliment 🙂

  • nadiah izzaty

    There’s a lot happened to you patutlah nadia sggh sini no entry baru . And yeah .miss u Tyra. <3

    If Nadia phone rosak , nadia pun mcm tyra . Serious tak senang duduk. Best!!!! Dapat new iPhone.

    Agree!!! Beauty and the beast the best movie this year .

    Please don't lose hope on blogging. <3

    • i miss you too <3 hopefully i can get back on track lepas ni

  • your bullet journal looks so neat. MIne has been left in dust because I’m not discipline enough to write every day.

    I don’t know much about netKL (I use SiteGround hosting) but maybe you could try email them? But it sucks when you couldn’t blog freely

    • thank you!
      i will check out siteground, i might change my hosting when this current one expired

  • Nurul Atiqah

    Oh man.. I know exactly how that feels. My phone was broken a few months ago and my friend let me uses her iPhone 4 but let me just be honest, pakai phone orang rasa tak puas walaupun she said “use it as long as you want macam phone sendiri” but still, tak suka buat harta org macam sendiri so my dad bought me a new one.

    Your bullet journal looks really neat and nice. I have a bullet journal too but it’s a mess in there hahaha

  • I haven’t finished with Attack of Titans Season 1 yet. I’ve gotten really positive feedbacks on it but I’m just not into that kind of anime xD Your bullet journal is looking so neat! Tersusun gittew! Hehe

    ieyra h. | blog