What’s in My February 2017

The fact I was sick for the last few days on the last week of February is not going to stop me to highlight the main things happen in my February 2017.

Hello there my readers! How is your life going on? How was last month? Last month was so fun for me as I completed one of my monthly goals. I am sharing my What’s in February 2017 a little but late this month but still I am going to share this. The fact I was sick for the last few days on the last week of February is not going to stop me to highlight the main things happen in my February 2017.

I am putting my blogging activities aside this month because I am focusing on my monthly goal, keep reading till the end if you want to know what hehe. This month I posted 5 posts, that wasn’t so bad right. What bad is that I left the last 14 days with no new post at all. I will spend this few hours on this week to write the post to catch up with my blog traffic. The posts that I kept for the last weeks are:-

  • How I Spend My Weekend
  • Sharing My Bullet Journal
  • How to Maintain Working at Your Current Workplace
  • Beauty Stuff I Bought in  Korea

All this post shall be ready to publish within the next week and the following weeks.


Why I did not watch this earlier? Vampire and blood and Damon, are so damn hot.


I watched the first movie. The reason this movie doesn’t make me feel bored are because 1. The actress are so pretty. 2. Poligami (A man having more than 1 wife) issues. The story tells us how sometimes poligami can happen due to unexpected event (I still think that a Man still can make choice, to NOT have more than 1 wife), and how a woman can also be soft when coming to this issue.

I have realised that I didn’t get to watch a movie in a cinema for 3 months long. Calling all my girl squad to watch movie soon.

I also have been listening to lots of good song last month (and still right now). BTS Not Today single was so lit! This is my song whenever I am starting my day. Good job BTS. Other songs that I been listening a lot last month are Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars), Heavy (Linkin Park), Chained to the Rhythm (Katy Perry) and Dari Mata (Jaz). Lastly, have you listen to Taeyeon’s My Voice album? All her songs are so good. Her soothing voice calm me whenever I am feeling tense, thank you for cheering me Taeyeon.


Sadly, I didn’t complete reading Apollyon. Or any book. Sigh, my life why are you being so cruel to me. Hopefully this month (March) I can make some positive progress.

How was my life last month? I think I maximize most of my days pretty well with lots of activities that includes me cleaning my room. This is my goal on February. Cleaning wasn’t that hard, but re-arranging and throwing my old storage containing academic books, notes, stationary, comic books, magazines, clothes I will never going to fit again and random collectibles that I own are the one taking my free time. Lots of things I have thrown and now I am satisfied I have cleared up most of my unused stuff. This month goal completed!. Say yes to more spacious wardrobe so I can buy new clothes now.

I tried to eat less rice and have a small intake of meal for few days, turns me to become hungrier late at night, having gastric and headache because seriously I could not live a day without coffee. Next month is no ice and no sugar month for me #yesicandoit

Anyone want to join me?

Yay to more events on March. Weddings are everywhere, heeee who love wedding because of food? I promise myself to control my eating habit throughout the weekdays so I can eat more kenduri food on weekend.

Next is what excites me more. Since I did clear all my things on my room, including my old room decor, now I can decorate my room again. I am planning to put plant on my room because you know plant can help with air purifying. Do you know where can I find house plant?

Fuh. I am taking forever writing this post. Last few months this post was always the easiest one to write. Or maybe writing this on late Sunday night was a bad idea. I am not a night person, night are time for me to sleep. How can I be productive at night?

How was your weekend?


Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana