Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

It has been almost four months after my trip to South Korea. I am truly sorry I haven’t complete my traveling story but I promise after I this I will continue okay. Before I forget the whole excitement in Korea, let me share with you first the beauty products I bought in Korea.

As most of you know the Korean are so concern about look. They took care of their look and their skin from they were young. Thats why also they are lots of surgery clinic that offer plastic surgery services to those who want to change their features.

If you have been to Korea, or you are keen to know lots about Korea, you already been aware that Korea is cosmetic heaven. There are lots of cosmetic shops and cosmetic brand. The shops are almost everywhere in Korea. I myself was in daze! No wonder the beauty gurus I followed on Youtube was so crazy about Korea cosmetic shopping.

There are few places I went just specifically to hunt for some beauty product such as Myeondeong and Hongik Street. I tell you I have gone crazy. If you have heard of the brand such as Laneige, Etude House, The Face Shop, Innisfree, Aritaum, Missha, Nature Republic, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, The Saem, Skin Food, Too Cool for School, Hera, IOPE, Banila,co and many more and if you ever thinking of owning the product, this two places that I mentioned have it.

When I already confirm my trip to Korea, I already aim what I want, thus it make it a lot easier. The things I wanted wasn’t that much, I know I should have bought more but looking at the budget I have in hand, hmm I only get to take whatever I already have in mind.

Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

Face Mask, Pore Clay Mask and Makeup Remover

Beauty Products I Bought in Korea
Though I think I should have bought many more, but this are the only things I have now. The face masks was everywhere. The masks I bought are from Nature Republic and The Saem. They came in a pack of 10 sheets cost about 3,000 won per pack. You can choose which want you want but sadly they didn’t sell a pack of mix selection. If you choose the acai berry sheet mask, then all the other sheet mask in a pack are all same. Thus, you don’t have a variety of the sheet mask.

Tips – be smart like us, each of us bought different pack, so later we can exchange. Then voila many more different sheet masks

The two other beauty product that I bought in Korea which I am so obsessed right now is the Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore clay mask and the Clean It Zero. I have been using this two babies and it works great on my skin. You can read my review of how I clean and remove my makeup with Clean It Zero.

Magic Cushion, Mineral Powder, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow and Lipstick

Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

There are lots of BB Cushion and CC Cream. I think the Korean prefer to used this rather than a foundation. I managed to get one of the BB Cushion which is the Missha Magic Cushion. Up till now I still haven’t get the chance to use this, but if you want me to do a review about this cushion after I use it, I will be willing to.

Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

Missha Magic Cushion

This mineral powder or loose powder is to die for. Once I saw this on the counter, I just grabbed it. It works well with the oily part of my face, like what have been said by the beauty gurus. I used this daily basis and this only left not even half of the original product now, I should have bought this more, sigh.

Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

Next is the eye part. I heard lots of good reviews about the Korean eyeliner and eyeshadow, mainly the one at the Aritaum store, so I quickly grab this four things without much further thinking, seriously this store is so pack I didn’t get a chance to try everything out. But I am so happy I grab all of this because this are my go-to makeup product like I did on my Everyday Makeup Routine.

Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

Eyeliner – this is great for tightlining your eyeline

Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

Eye Shadows by Aritaum

Next is lips! If you are looking for a matte or nude lipstick, it is going to be hard for you because from my observation, they mostly sell bright color liptint and lipstick. Two of the liquid lipstick product are too bright for my liking but I didn’t even want to think about that so I just grab it haha. Whenever I am with a minimal face and eye makeup, I will pick the liquid lipstick.

Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

Lip Product and the Swatches

Other two of the lip product I bought is a lip balm and a matte lipstick. This matte lipstick from Mamonde has a very thick but feel like not wearing anything finishing. This color (i think it is code 16) is just perfect for my everyday look.

The Freebies

Beauty Products I Bought in Korea

What is more amazing than a tons of good free stuff? I got all of this free of charge, without any penny! There are more actually which I have used but look there are still many more which I still need to try and test. This small size packaging is great whenever I am travelling. If there is something I love from this freebies maybe I might buy it later if I got a chance to visit Korea again hihi.

That’s it for now. Writing this bring back to my good old memories. And that bring back to the reality that I should finish my story in Korea. Stay tune please.

Is there any other Korean Product you want to recommend?


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  • I bought the innisfree sebum free powder and just like you I regret to not buy it more. even though I don’t use it, it would be a great gift to friends.

    and love all the free stuff xD

  • Syahindah ms

    the lippies products :’) Teringin nak pi korea jugak huwaaaa

    • haha me too……..crazie with lippie s especially the lip tint

  • I love the freebies part more! hehehe. Since i was used to not into make up, I’m in the situation of trying new lipstick that suite my skin, I love the liptint version and still getting used into matte thingy (since it was trendy now). Sometimes when I’ve got the chance to visit korea, I’ll list down all the make up things that I want cause I love how you prepare before going to travel – not like me. hee.

    • the point is you have to grab all the freebies ehehe.
      there lots of matte lipstick you can try out there, i always curik curik used the lipstick at watson or guardian.
      it is better to list down all the things you want to buy or not you will buy everything hahaha. perhaps one day we can go together 🙂

      • Tyra, InsyaAllah nnt kita travel sama2. 😍😍😍

  • Echa H.

    bestnya pegi korea! i have few korean beauty products too but just bought it dekat hermo ahahah. and and and, freebies tu best pulak ada macam2!

    • if my product above dah habis maybe i have to buy at hermo too. the freebies, i wish i got more (aha i just love free stuff)

  • I went there a year ago! and have yet to upload my blog, haha pemalas gilaa. I was hesitate to buy the Innisfree sheet mask because of the reason you stated; they didn’t sell mix selection in bundle :/

    ieyra h. | latest post: Cetaphil Moisturising Cream Review

    • that sheet mask was everywhere that is why i just bought it. also i can also give some as a gift

  • bivichan (BV)

    wish to drop in every beauty shop if i’ve a chance to travel in korea. hahahhahaha.
    i love korean product bcs most of the products really suit asian skins. 🙂

  • nadiah izzaty

    Gie Korea tgh kedai2 makeup dorang menarik sgt sgt. Orang yg tak minat makeup pun terus teruja nak beli makeup.

    Product Korea yang Nadia pakai buat masa ni macam tak ada je . I wish to try one brand tapi kat Malaysia expensive lah. =(

    • i nak try innisfree pulak since die xde la mahal sgt, still mampu lagi hehe

  • nadiah izzaty

    Nadia punya entri korea pun tak habis update jugak . Hahaha