Best Things About the Old K-Pop Era

Best Things About Old K-Pop Era

During the year of 2005-2011 was the best years in the K-Pop scene. It was also called as the Golden Era, where all the big group such as DBSK, Big Bang, Super Junior, Rain, Lee Hyori, Girls Generation and Wonder Girls was in the scene. Do you remember how big and hit they are? Let me tell you guys the Best Things About the Old K-Pop Era and how much I really missed that time.

Why this period was the peak season of K-Pop waves?

This was the time where DBSK debuted with the song called Hug (2004), Super Junior debuted with Twins (Knock Out) (2005), Girls Generation with Into the New World (2007) and Wonder Girls with Irony (2007). And there was so many more groups. Do you remember how that was the glories’ time as a K-Pop fans?

They wasn’t just debuting, but they were coming out with a killer songs, so many things on and off set happening that time, only their true fans will feel it. Though I may not be their fans when they were debuting, but I manage to catch up with all of their activities 4 years later. That is when K-Pop becoming the big thing in the entertainment world.

Maybe at the time you wasn’t there yet, you was not introduce with K-Pop (or maybe I am old), but you are not late my dear. Here, let me tell you what is the best things happen during the Golden Era.

The Best Things That I Missed About the Old K-Pop Industry

and Why You Should Start Rolling In Together With Me

Their Hit Song

Each of the groups coming out with such a good and catchy songs everytime. Remember all the songs like U Go Girl, Haru Haru, Lies, Purple Line, Mirotic, Gee, Rainism, Tell Me, Nobody, Sorry Sorry, I am the Best. There were a lot more. Tell me if you are still listening to this songs. All of this songs have a strong rhythm and catchy lyrics, thus easily grabbing attention from fans.

The Friendship Between Idols

The idols are not competing each other. Music shows combining all of these legend was the boom. We can see it from collaboration stage between each of them, the backstage footages, and the variety shows they had together.

Awesome Cover Songs

One other thing that I love during this time was the cover songs sung by them. Listen to it and you won’t be disappointed.

Collaboration Between Groups

Back then we created Wonder Bang, Super Generation, f(SHINee), SHINee Generation, and also SoshiBang. When they are performing together, the world explode. Or we called it my ‘vagina’ explode.

Damn I am an avid shipper of Jonghyun and Jessica. Look at him staring at Jessica’s ass.

Another collaboration stage that was still the boom are like the controversial performance from Big Bang and Lee Hyori. Watch it first then say what you thought about it.

Wonder Boys and Boy Generation

This was the special group they created consist of member from Super Junior, Big Bang, SHINee, 2PM and 2AM. They are the legend, yet they manage to entertain us in a different way. Gosh I was so looking forward to both of this performance.

Aren’t this is just the cutest?

Variety Shows

Back then most of the idols have their own variety shows that showcases their individual true self. I know we now also have variety shows for idols, but the shows wasn’t so fun like Super Junior Exploration of Human Body, SNSD Girl Go to School. SHINee Hello Baby, Star King, Star Golden Bell, and others. Nowadays I don’t seem to really enjoy variety shows and often forgotten.

Having all of this old shows is a blessed and I am still keeping each episode on my hard disk, ah my life!

Dance Cover

Previously Star Dance Battle was the show I always waited for. Groups like Super Junior, Girls Generation and SHINee was the group who will bring us such excitement when they are dancing.

Why don’t this show exist anymore?

Shipping Between Idols and Dating Series

Who still ship their idols? Now I don’t. But back then I have so many idols that I shipped together. Including boyxboy pairing. Oh boy my teenagers life. Gosh that time I spend reading fanfic, does asianfanfic still exist now?

The Downturn of Each Groups

There was lots of controversial between groups during this time. I remembered how hard it was to accept that DBSK was not DB5K anymore. Then there was always a fight between Girls Generation and Wonder Girls fans, comparing each other, urgh those time is not forgotten at all.

I mentioned lots of Super Junior and Girls Generation in this post because I am their fans back then, their times come in a little bit later than Big Bang, DBSK, Rain and Wonder Girl. But all groups have their time, it was like everything was set and lining up to be the best.

I did not want to say that the K-Pop scene now is not good as before, but think about it, how long did they survive now, though lots of groups disbanded, but the remaining one still have power, their individual member still slay. Can we bring back all of the kings and queens of K-Pop back together?

All of this memories. All of this will not come back again. Some of the group may not be performing together again. Thus just a reminder to all the K-Pop fans especially the newbies, please don’t stop supporting your favourite group now because we never know what may happen 10 years later.

Did Any of You Missed the Time When Your Idol was Ruling The Kpop Scene?


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  • I still can’t believe that 2NE1 already disbanded :'( I think 2008-2012 was the golden era of k-pop. I miss watching my favorite band performing their music live on Music Bank.

    • Previously we all waiting for the weekly music show, no fight just enjoying every music

  • bivichan (BV)

    im not avid fan of kpop. but i do listened and know some kpop groups and songs. and amazingly i know some of those idols and kpop related news, maybe because people around me love kpop? XD

    they’re living legends.
    big bang is one of my fav kpop group ever~

    • My friends in university mostly love kpop and big bang. All of the big names I mentioned are the legend during my uni time

  • I started to get into this kpop world not long ago. But I prefer the old idols instead of new ones. I noticed that the old kpop groups are way more funnier in variety shows. While SOME of the new kpop groups look like they’re forced (instead of having fun) and they took everything seriously instead of making it enjoyable for the viewers. hahahaha you know what I mean? ah, it’s so hard to put it in words

    • i understood that. and one other thing, their songs are lot more sounded like american now, i really miss that old kpop songs vibes

  • Nice write up atheera.
    I WAS huge kpop fans back then even my fashion sense follow theirs..
    i wore candy color bottom, layers of top…

    kpop was a sweet memory for me but but i rarely listen to them anymore.
    But my addiction to kdrama seems longer than kpop era.

    btw, rain was so swag and i am a big fan of him and of coz golden era of kpop have so manyyyy good songs

    Btw, you can read my kpop evolution at

    • wow candy color bottom, like the one snsd wore during gee? i love that type of style, not too sexy and look more casual.

      if i miss the old kpop songs, i will listen on youtube playlist. rain is too hot too handle! i remembered i fangirl-ed on him like crazy.

  • sviors

    I’m a huge fan of kpop back then. I’m Shawol until now, and my first kpop song that I know is SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong. Really, I miss the old kpop and their music. I can’t believe that 2NE1, 4Minute and Worder Girls already disbanded because they are too famous, you know what I mean right. Also, there are alot of fanwars nowadays.

    Oh ya, asianfanfics still exist and I love shipping the idols too hahaha.

    • i am shawol too! i was with them during their debut and replay era. omg Taemin mushroom hair, do you still remember that?

      asianfanfics is my only reading source back then, i remembered reading on my small phone (that time smartphone haven’t exist), and i printed my favourite fanfic so i can read it when im bored. that is how crazy i become, oh well memories

  • Alamak cuma tahu lagu nobody nobody but you je , hahaha, bukan peminat kpop, but of course not the haters as well, sebab cuma layan kdrama je, and sekarang variety shows juga. Cuma itulah, still tak masuk juga dgn kpop.

    • lagu nobody tu famous gila kan. sampai ramai haters kpop.
      takpe la setiap org taste lain-lain. asalkan jgn sampai benci kpop ye hehe

  • nadiah izzaty

    Agree!!!! Dulu memang minat gila kpop sebab all this old group . And old kdrama pun still best of tgk balik.

    Now, I’m more too k drama . Kpop dah tak minat gila2 mcm dulu. Hihi

    • minat tu jadi semakin kurang sekarang sampai langsung tak amik tau pasal kpop.
      tapi bila teringat tu jadi rindu.
      kdrama sekarang bertambah best dri dulu, ke dulu tyra tak brp minat sgt kot

  • kyaaaa I’m a big fan of TOP so kinda hurt watching the video where he kissed Lee Hyori haha.
    Old groups were way better than the recent ones, I agree with you! It’s kinda sad that most of the groups has disbanded, especially for 4minute, I loved them so much :'(

    • haha i can feel you….TOP is my fav too, and i somehow hyori for certain period after the kiss.
      hopefully big bang will stay together even after their military service

  • tak sedar dah lapan tahun kenal kpop. oh i miss super junior on variety shows. Exploration of Human Body still got me rolling on the floor laughing each time i watched it.

    • oh hi dear suju fans or can i say ELF?
      i want to watch Exploration of Human Body so badly right now! haha

  • back then my friends was a huge fans of kpop. And im one of the girl influence by them, i even memories dbsk, wonder girl, snsd because i’ve been expose about them so damn much. I miss my friend as I miss how they talk about kpop and all the stuff. it just so nostalgic. :’)

    I do love when they collaborate, i reckon watching it happily on youtube back then.

    • back then each of the group have their own talent, though lots of fans compare each other but their sense of humor is lit!
      i really hope someday they all will collaborate with each other again

  • Fairuz Aqilah

    Just reading the title of your post makes me want to sing SORRY SORRY bhahahaha… All of the hit songs you mentioned reminded me of my secondary school memories with my best friends which all of ’em are die hard fans of kpop until now! Itu baru lagu, belum lagi sebut pasal k-dramas yang dok melangut tengok masa sekolah rendah dulu! Oh, how time flies… Thank you for bringing back those memories! Hehe 😉

    • haha yes. old time kan. most of my kpop friends still a fans. only myself yg tak. maybe sbb group baru tak berapa nak suka sgt. but i like the new group like twice and blackpink

  • Siqah Hussin

    Siqah tak berapa minat K-Pop. Cuma tahu jugalah lagu mana yang popular macam Sorry Sorry Super Junior, Nobody Wonder Girls. Hii. Yang lain Siqah dengar lagu OST K-Drama je.

    Paling Siqah minat dari dulu hingga sekarang hanya Big Bang. Sedih bila Top nak pergi military. 2 years without them 🙁

    Sekarang K-pop terlalu banyak group idols sampai dah malas nak ambil tahu. Siqah tetap maintain suka K-Drama. Makin banyak K-Drama best sekarang. Jalan cerita semuanya menarik dan lain drpd lain 😀

  • Yes!!! *raise hands up* i miss listening to sorry sorry the most >< i miss how back then there werent much arguments between fandom, i miss old variety show especially shinee's hello baby omg ;-; it is sad seeing most of the groups who used to be the kings and queens of kpop are slowly being forgotten );

  • This feel so weird but I knew all the hit songs you listed. I’m not such a big fan but I knew the song since I always turn MTV and V channel. It was weird seeing how k-pop song start flooding these channels during ’05 and how I always love any songs from Big Bang. I can still sings to haru haru until now. The songs back then were much better than now.