What’s In My January 2017

What's in January 2017? What I did on my blog, how did I spend my whole month?

Hello January! Eh, February coming soon? One chapter of 2017 has passed and looking at myself right now I am still in the new year mood. I am admitting that I take a week off on blogging world because it’s the new year and I want to have a well spent weekend and holidays with family and friends. Every day is a wonderful journey for me regardless of what it is, so let’s highlight the main things happen in my January 2017.

It has been a month since I switched from Blogger to WordPress. So far so good, I am comfortable in this platform now. I also am fully using Bloglovin’ dashboard to read blogs, screw that Blogger and WordPress dashboard because Bloglovin’ dashboard and apps are more easier to navigate. Please register with Bloglovin’ if you haven’t.

Basically, Bloglovin’ is the easiest way to follow blogs and what interesting is you can get notified when they upload new post so you won’t miss out any new updates from your favourite bloggers.

Since using WordPress, I am aware that I get few invitation to collaborate with few brands but I am refusing to do so because I don’t feel reviewing products are my game. Seriously I rarely have interest in online shopping or clothing. Give me something related with makeup and books, I am on for it!

Tips: Do not force yourself to write something you are not into

This month also is the month where I spent time with reading and understanding more on blogging. You can check out my Pinterest Blogging Ideas Board. There are more things you need to learn beside finding a good blog content.

Some things good to read I want to highlight are about SEO, blog post checklist, scheduling social media, and taking blog photos.

Blog Post Feature Image
I don’t know if you have notice, but I kind of taking baby steps to change all my main or featured photos on each blog post. You can take a look at my re-edited post Try On Spicy Korean Noodle, Allegiant Movie Review and My Sleeping Habits. What do you think? I am so confused whether to use pink or yellow/gold theme for my blog.

Goblin ended. So does my obsession with Lee Dong Wook. I am trying so hard to get over this Goblin-syndrome. And I did by re-watching again till I don’t feel like watching again. Goodbye Goblin.

I am currently watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Ju as recommended and voted by my twitter friends. You can follow my twitter account@tyrawrss and join any survey I did.

Any malay drama that caught my attention? None. I don’t know it just me that I don’t like to see any drama where I don’t like any of the actor or actresses. I like Janna Nick but I don’t like Ashraf Muslim. The next drama for the same slot are acted by Shafiq Kyle and Mawar Rashid, just why Mawar Rashid? So no more 7pm drama.

And also why is Emma Maembong so gedik every time she act? Whats up with malay drama nowadays.

I finished reading a book which is Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi. Nothing interesting I want to say about this book. The story is like a combination of The 5th Wave and Divergent. Every plot is so cliché and the storyline making me think of the two dystopian books I have mentioned.

I am going to continue reading and fan-girling over the half blood story and the Gods again, with The Covenant Series. I missed Aiden and Seth. Can I said something about Seth here? He is a player and so arrogant and entertaining. He have this complicated relationship with the main character, Alex (its a girl btw), and he is a God Killer, waiting for the right time to drain Alex’s power. Gosh I can’t wait to read Apollyon.

What’s in my personal life this month? Well, I am so generous that I am most likely spending my bucks every week with makeup stuff. Tell you what, I am addicted to buy more and more high-end products, it is a contagious things I can say. How can I put a stop to this addiction?

One thing that makes me happy this month is I started using bullet journal, again. Last year, I did have one but I stop at August when I don’t have time to setup for my monthly planner. Let’s make a fresh start this year by organizing my life again and plan my days ahead.

I am using this planner by the NotBookNotBuk which I bought at a shop called Kaleidoscope in Publika for only RM45.90. Grab this while it is still available! I shall share with you my bullet journal by end of next month.

What's in January 2017? What I did on my blog, how did I spend my whole month?
What comes next after my planner is my stationery. I am a collector for this. I threw out my old pens and bought new one. To complete my planner, I am still finding for a good stationery shops that sells pretty paper clips, post it note and others eye-catching stationery things.

I am always looking forward to what coming up next month. Since I don’t have any big events, I am hoping I can stay focus with writing blog post, seriously I have come out with few post ideas, I just needed time to write now. Now that I have a planner, let’s make it work!

At the time being also, I want to change all my main or featured photos on each blog post like I said before. I also need to check and setup for my blog newsletter, I feel like it’s not working or I didn’t setup properly previously.

So what happen with my 2017 Resolutions?

The Blog

My blog has not been well cared. I’ve seen my page views drop the last week, it is dropping where I am having less than 30 views a day compare to more than 100 views per day I got last week. That’s a wake-up call for me. I am sad but that won’t de-motivate me. I shall work harder next month and spent more time here.

The food

I ate fast food every night last week. Sorry, but that’s not for my appetite. I love McDonald spicy chicken and the new cheesy KFC chicken so how to stop eating fast food. I want to make sure I can only have fast food once a week next month, can that be achievable? Okay then maybe twice a week.


Next is my reading part. I finished one book that is consider okay right? Better than nothing. Once I have setup my blogging post for each week then I can have more time reading.


I am so glad I changed to a new working task now. I am not complaining for the time I have taken to learn new things as I have chosen to take this new task. This month I treat it like a trial month so that next month I can do better.

How do you cope with all your workload?

I always keep the positive vibes while working. Do not feel pressured on the amount of work you need to complete, take it as a challenge. Keep going and put a smile on every task you have completed.

That’s it. I hope you find some inspiration from this post. I want to write and share something that can makes you happy from your hectic day and inspiring at the same time.

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  • Razanah Anis

    In my case, just give me something on make up stuff, I’m always ready for it.. xD
    Is it hard to change into your own domain, will it affect your readers? I’m now having doubts about either should i keep using the free domain or getting my own..

    • i think changing domain wont have any problems, the thing you need to do is linking all your post to the new domain. if you are ready, you should go for it.

  • i feel you about collaboration with blogs. some bloggers review products that they don’t even use. so far i’ve only done collaboration with brands who offer services instead of reviewing products. if i ever got any collaborations for reviewing products, i’ll make sure that i use that product for a period of time before doing reviews.

    • agreed! i dont want to rush making reviews and gain the credit for not telling the truth about what I feel for the product.
      for this time being, when i am really interested with the product or services then only i agree for colllab

  • #malaydrama. I feel you. And I didnt have time to watch any dramas/movie lately.

    I want that bullet journal too but OMG I got so much unused notebook here, maybe I need to scramble all the books before buying one.

    And thanks atheera for the blogging pinterest board. I see you have disqus now. Yeayy! 😀

    • thank god disqus actually work here in my new blog. my life is easier now!
      i tried to buy a cheap one first to do this bullet journal this year. but why is all notebooks look so eye catching? i am trying to resist every cute notebook i saw in the store, gosh this is hard right

  • I dont like Emma Maembong as well. Her acting is just so gedik. Idfk where the old Emma is. I only enjoy Malay drama if the drama touches my heart but `typical malay drama` is such a turn off

    • most malay drama is like the typical malay drama i can say, the differences are the actors and any X factor the drama have. like suri hati mr pilot, i watch for the reason of lofa’s pastel outfit

  • pterinrdiana

    I’ve just finished watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo! I must say, the ending is kinda rushed (in my unpopular opinion). My whole family hate watching Malay dramas lol; They’re so cliche.

    • Let me watch Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, then I can give an overall thoughts hehe. Agreed. malay dramas are so cliche. Yet some of malaysian netizen condemning Kdrama, I is sad ok


    So true tho. we should not write sth that we are not interested to and sth that is beyond our knowledge. i like your writing! 🙂

  • I am so generous spending money every week too lol but with books.

    Oh oh, I’m still obsessed with the Goblin drama since I don’t watch other kdrama. I cannot move on. Help! xD and I feel you about the malay drama as they’re too cliche nowadays. But I wanted to try watched malay drama acted by Scha Alyahya tho.

    My 2017 resolution is *sigh* hilang ditiup angin xD

    • I will one day splurge my money on books too and I never feel wrong about it haha.

      Watch till you don’t want to watch anymore, but the ending is kinda sad to me

      Still early Claudy, we have 11 more months to catch up our 2017 resolutions!

  • nadiah izzaty

    Oh my… complete nya Tyra punya jan wrap up. Love to read it .

    Yes yes Nadia also still obsessed with Goblin. Masa goblin every friday and saturday sub tak kuar lagi sanggup tgk raw . Hihihi . Best kan drama tue . Everything is so beautiful.

    Agree too!!!! Nadia pun krg minat tgk drama melayu. Mcm tak berkembang adoi. Ntah lah.

    Agree with your tips: do not force yourself to write something .

    And now tak tahu kenapa Nadia tak ada mood nak update blog . Review drama goblin dah dlm draft since the day the drama totally end . Hmmmm.. even i’m not visit my own blog . =(

    Maybe after baca your wrap up I will started to hit publish button.

    Tq tyra . And keep blogging dear =)

    • Tq Nadia!

      I miss reading your blog, jangan tak update pulak ye. Especially about Goblin review! Can’t wait to read.

      You too, keep blogging 🙂

  • I think yellow gold theme looks better. And I dont like Asraf muslim too! Hahah.

    cantiknyaaa bullet journal you! Lucky sangat tau kalau tulisan cantik,huhuhu.

    • Tulisan i xcantik sgt pun. Klu rajin boleh la kot tulis cantik2.
      Oh skrg ni pun i tgh nak tukar so gmbr ade theme, thanks for suggesting!