2017 Resolutions

2017 Resolutions

Hello guys! I am starting fresh with my 2017 Resolutions for the first post in 2017. I am greeting for the first time officially from WORDPRESS. I got the same feeling like writing for the first time last year when I made my appearance again on blogger. I am having the thought like I won’t have any reader or maybe my current follower (from blogger) won’t get my updates because to be honest there’s a lot I have to focus on this new page before I can start blogwalking and informing them about my new page.

If you are here reading, I  am truly happy you are still here with me and reading my post.

New year has come. I am maybe the last person on blogging world to share her 2017 resolutions or to make it sound simple, what I plan to achieve on this brand new year. Being an ordinary girl like me, I have TONS of things I want to achieve or own. But I stop fancying crazy things like having a flawless face every day or buying a big house because I know, that seem like a wish I can never get.

Here are my 2017 resolutions and what I aim to achieve by this year

Personal Behavior

Personally, as a 27 grown up girl I want to appreciate what I have that are irreplaceable with anything in the world, which are my family and friends. I shouldn’t always skip family gathering like I normally do. I shouldn’t careless about friends texting me. Saying that made you guys think that I don’t care about them. That is not the reason. It just because I always put my priority first. This year I hope I will spend more time with them.

Personal Self-care

Talking about self-care, I have been sick for the past two weeks. Having a low-antibody like I have, I tend to get sick easily. Previously I did have supplement for my health. But I stopped taking and that is my mistake. This year I should take good care of my health. I can spend hundreds bucks buying beauty product, but I am so cheapskate when coming to buying supplements.

I also stopped my gym membership. Another mistake. Now I am suffering with body ache, what I have been doing anything beneficial to my body last year? Nothing, except for once a while in zumba class. I should start exercising again. I love running. Maybe I can start with that.

Another resolution for my self-care this year are, I don’t want to skip my skincare routine and drink lots of water. Having a flawless skin is always be my ultimate goal. Nobody wants a dull face. Society is cruel when it comes to treating people based on look and appearance. But do not think of that too much. As long as you are happy with your skin and be confident you are just fine.

Personal Interest

Last year have been the slacking year of my reading achievement. I do not know what is the main reason. I have lots of books purchased and still waiting to be touch by the owner. I always love reading. Having a long list of books I want to read will not work when I didn’t set any target. This year I want to read two books each month.

I have noticed that I am always distracted whenever I am watching drama or movies. Thus, I always watch it halfway. Gonna change that habit by setting priorities on my daily schedule.


I want to stop saying I hate my job. I want to stop saying I will quit. I am so thankful I have a stable job right now. I promise I will work my a** off this year. I don’t want to be afraid of new task and just slay it. My mission this year is to talk less, work harder and do not delay doing simple things. 


Lastly, how come I forgot about blogging. I plan to be self-hosted. And I did this early of the year. I am so glad I did this as soon as possible. Because the amount of time to re-edit all post would be adding more pain in the arse if I have more post. Add one more accomplishment for migrating to wordpress. Now I have to focus on posting regularly. I should always write down all the ideas I have in mind.

I also have list out my plan for this week dedicatedly for my blog

First. I need to re-direct my blogger page and link it to this page. I have discovered how to do it, but it didn’t work.

Second. I need to blogwalk twice as I normally do. Building a good networking is always better with all the hardwork.

Third. I need to change my focus back to writing. I have spend lots of time mastering how wordpress and my current domain and hosting works.

That’s my 2017 resolution! Lastly, Happy New Year!

Completing this with my shameless selfie. TQ!

2017 resolution by atheera dayana

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  • Nurul Atiqah

    I was close to change from Blogger to WordPress but I use Blogger since 2009 too scared. I was like you, afraid that if I change, no one from my current followers will read it etc. The only resolution I carried on from last year was to lose weight. But now I think I’ll add another which is to blog more often and blogwalk twice as I usually does like you said. Btw, Happy New Year to you 🙂

    • All the scared feeling now is gone. But currently I encounter another problem. Guess we never know the challenge if we are yet to change ourself.
      I cross out losing weight in my resolution this year. I don’t want to skip meal or eat lesser because I used to have gastric. I would rather eat then suffer from it.

  • About family and friendship, I have that similar target for last 2016. And alhamdulillah I think I am doing good since then with friends I am closer to now.

    Just, I really would love to reconnect with my high-school friends whom I was not so close with. Like…you know, at least keeping in touch. But I found it very hard. I started with few friends and seems like that’s it. I could not proceed further.

    Will try harder soon.

    P/s – I am glad Bloglovin keeps me updated with your new post ?

    • I’m glad ypu are notified with my latest feed on Bloglovin. Last night I couldn’t sleep because I can’t see my own feed on bloglovin, blogger and wordpress dashboard. Seriously I didn’t know why tis this happening.
      I don’t have many high school friends. I am still friended with them till today. JI am just keeping my closest friend in touch.

  • pterinrdiana

    Omg, you love running??? I absolutely hate running! lol.

  • Razanah Anis

    “I am so cheapskate when coming to buying supplements…” – I feel you… Q__Q

    • Haha gotta beat that habis and take care of my health

  • May all the goodness of 2017 be with you theera. 😀

  • may you achieve your aim, sis. all the best! ^_^

  • i hope we can achieve our 2017 resolutions, aamiin!
    PS: ada jugak geng wordpress! kalau tak, i felt alone je sebulan dua ni 😀

    • All the best to all of us ?
      I am still kura-kura dlm wordpress ni haha

  • I want to try and post at least once a week, no matter how much school gets in the way of blogging this year,
    Aleeha xXx

  • bivichan (BV)

    all the best!! hopefully all 2017 resolutions will be achieve 😀
    i also need to blogwalk and update my blog more frequent T^T

  • Siqah Hussin

    Ohhhh atheera dah ke wordpress dan ada own domain! Congrats girl <3

    Hope you will achieve your 2017 resolutions 🙂

    I want to update blog at least once a week. Hope can do it. Hihi.

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