South Korea Trip 2016 Day 5 – Namdaemun Market, Myeondong, Kstar Road

The exciting and most famous Namdaemun Market, Myeondong and the Kstar Road (and SM Entertainment)

We have come to my day 5 journey to South Korea. I am still in Seoul in day 5, still yet to fully explore Seoul and still eager to shop for more souvenirs. Today we came back to Namdaemun and Myeondong just to shop. As we knew that we will take long time to shop and we will also visit Gangnam (which I thought we would not spent much time here), we left earlier than the previous day.

South Korea Trip 2016 Day 5

Namdaemun Market

First stop, we went back to Namdaemun Market to search for brooch and pins (read our first time here in Namdaemun), and we also spend some time to walked around the market and bought some clothes. Clearly the market open as early as 9.00 am.

Direction to Namdaemun Market – By subway Line 4 Hoehyeon Station Exit #5

Namdaemun Market

We went straight to E-Lengdang first (where the only place for brooch and pins sells). This time even though we still roamed around the first floor of the building, but I managed to search for the exact place that sells the brooch and pins.

How inside this building look like

I could not find the photo of the shop but I remember it was shop no 301 and another one opposite it. If you go around and ask the local people for ‘brooch’ shop (even we did brought sample of brooch) they still couldn’t help. But luckily we found the shop. The brooch (or let’s just say pin tudung) here are really in good quality, handmade and cheap. I am not a pin collector, but I brought plenty of this to give to my friend and they really like it. One pin cost only 1,000-3,000 won, they varies depending on the size of the ‘batu’. One more thing that excites me is the bracelet which also I bought for my friends which cost only 3,000 won. Maybe you can consider buying this as a souvenir too.

Myeongdong Street

Next we move to Myeongdong Street. The main mission here this time is to get as many cosmetics sample as we can, and we did! The Koreans are not cheapskate, you just enter their shop and the promoter will ask you to walk and try the tester and you got free samples.

Direction to Myeongdong Street – By subway to Myeongdeong Station, Line 4 (Sky-blue line), Exit 5/6/7/8.

I find it was so much better walking at Myeongdong Street in the morning like this because it wasn’t so crowded. We took our time to try out few items here and there until  we are satisfied and we finally move to the next destination, which was Lotte Young Plaza.

Lotte Young Plaza is a department store that sells clothes for young people, Korean brand and international brand. We did not come here to shop for clothes but we are here to look for SM pop-up store.

Direction to Lotte Young Plaza – just follow the map below

Opening hours Mon-Sun: 11:30 am – 21:30 pm

Big EXO standee here

If you are a SM fans ( I am!) you have to come here. You will go crazy, but make sure you have the money to buy the goodies because they are not cheap. There are also other company pop-up store but I did not bother at all, haha.

All SHINee goodies

We leaved Lotte Young Plaza around 2.00 pm and we took the subway to Gangnam, but we stop at Cheongdam station because we want to visit SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Cube Entertainment/CUBE Café.

Gangnam Kpop Star Road & SM Entertainment

Direction – by subway to Cheongdam station exit #9

Somewhere in Gangnam?

At first we was following the direction I took somewhere on the net, but the direction was totally wrong! When we realized we was in the wrong direction, we just use the Google maps instead, but it wasn’t that easy.We did found SM Entertainment and we passed by the Idol ‘dolls’ area. But we spent here almost 4 hours just to find the SM building.

SHINee! I really missed the time when I was a Shawol

Look behind that! Uri beloved SM idol billboard

We lost all of our energy, we walked all over Gangnam area, walked through the same road few times, asked few local people and when we reached SM building, we was already exhausted. I was speechless there thinking why did all of us struggle that much just to see the our beloved idols building when there wasn’t anything there.

Map – location to all KPOP agencies

When we reached SM building it was already dark and we are hungry. So we need real food. We head to Itaewon to find foodie as that is the only place we knew got halal food.


Direction to Itaewon– by subway to line 6 itaewon exit 3. You can refer on my previous post

We choose to eat at Murree Restaurant. I don’t want to comment much about this restaurant as lots of people highly recommend to eat here. To be honest, I do not enjoy my food at all and I was struggling to eat as much as I can because I know if not I will be starving. I would suggest you to order local Indian/Pakistan food here as the owner is Pakistani and not Korean.

Murree Muslim Food

my overall spending for day 5 in Korea:-

That is the end of my day 5 in South Korea. The next day we will be starting our journey to Busan, so please bear a while as I will concentrate more on my other future post. If you haven’t read my previous South Korea 2016 trip, here a quick link for you.

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Thank you!

Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana