My Personal Future Plan for My Blog

I have gathered some personal future plan for my blog that I would like to achieve so that I will have a more organize blog and here let me share with all of you.

Blogging is not easy. Especially if you want to write something that not only you can share with others but also to actually make you proud of yourself. Some would think that we bloggers just write something that pop out of our mind, just share our two cents and click publish. Writing is just one thing. Creating and getting the idea on what to write is actually what makes us wild.

Sometimes I will just sit for hours just to have a topic on my mind. And this actually wasting my time and I hate that, because I practically have only 3 hours free time on weekdays and probably just 5 hours on weekend as I am not a full time blogger because I don’t get to spend a lot of hours to blog due to work constraint.

Someone told me that to complete everything in place accordingly is to plan. A plan that you can actually work with. If you are serious on getting something done you should have your own to-do list to write down everything need to be done so you won’t miss anything.

So I am thinking why not I do the same with my blog. Lots of successful blogger do plan beforehand ; they have probably set a schedule to publish a post and everything else so that their blog run smoothly with new post every week.

I don’t plan to be successful in blogging just in few months because I am still yet to have my niche and I am still trying to build a good social networking, but certainly I have set a target in terms of blog growth, I am not talking only for page views, but I think about it in a whole wide perspective ways.

Therefore, before the start of 2017 I have gathered some plan that I would like to achieve so that I will have a more organize blog and I will always have a new topic posted consequently with exciting and convincing content to gain more readers.

My Personal Future Plan for My Blog

Re-organizing all my old post

Previously I had done this, but I was not satisfied. Mainly because I don’t like all the crappy post I have shared with you, even though I thought it had a certain value to me because it was my personal life stories. For now, I will delete all that posts and I will just keep it in my personal folder.

Keeping all of my post and organize it properly

What I mean is, I will save all my post properly, although I have to manually do it by copying all the content in Microsoft Words. I am thinking of putting everything in folder by yearly, then simply adding a sub-folder of the month and re-arranging all my post accordingly. I thought this will be more easier for me to access and easier for me to get an overview of how many post I have published for each month.

Having a blog schedule spreadsheet

I have started to use a blog schedule spreadsheet that I created for a month now, and I am simply impressed on how it had change my blogging habits. By having everything I need to do and write each week will help me to be more productive as I know I have a deadline now. Coming up, I just have to make sure I follow the schedule and I just hope I won’t be slacking off.

Be mindful that blogging is something I take seriously

I always put blogging as the last priorities in terms of spending my free time. My ultimate hobby is watching TV shows, then comes reading and daydreaming. Just like I said, if I fail to follow everything I have planned then nothing is possible. I will now spent my free time for blogging, this includes I need to be at home by 9 pm so that I won’t be missing that hour to sit in front of my laptop.

Spend time to read other blogs

You can get more ideas if you read more. Other people stories can inspire you to be more creative. You know that phrase‘sel-sel otak akan lebih berhubung’ when you read while you be in depth with the story. While I spent night time to write, I thought that I should take half an hour every morning to read on other blogs.

That is all the five steps I plan to do for the future. Though I still have one thing I concerned right now – which is I want to make all my content as my own ownership. The ugly truth using blogger as my platform to blog scare me. Blogger ran and owned by Google, they hold everything you have in your blog. What if they take control on everything you had on your blog? This s*cks like shit. As I have read, it need lots of time if I want to transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress – which I don’t have right now. As for now, I need to focus in building up my content and don’t think too much about transferring please, although it kind of haunting me right now. Who knows if my hand get itchy somewhere and I took the bravery to just ‘redah’ everything and make it work.

What do you think? What is your future plan for your blog?

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  • i think my best plan in blogging is that I always have this writing note in my phone which i'd quickly jot down ideas. usually i have my poem there.

    but yeah, it is hard to be consistent, that spreadsheet idea is just genius. maybe you can do some small todo list or goals like uppdate 5 old posts etc so that you always be doing something.

  • Siqah tak ada niche for my blog. Just post whatever I want and feel at that time 🙂

    Plan nak post everyday tapi memandangkan masa tak mengizinkan, rasanya siqah boleh post at least dua entri dalam satu minggu. Tengok pada kemampuan dan akal fikiran. Hihi.

    Nice future plan atheera 🙂

  • I did the 'reorganizing old posts' already and I loove reading others blogs. But I don't have proper plan/schedule on posting also so I think I should start doing it.
    Thanks for sharing your plan anyway, it's helpful and made me feel inspired !

  • Its a great plan you have here, Tyra!
    wahh you make a spreadsheet on your own? That's cool! I just bought a planner just for my blog hehe 🙂

    Anyway, let's do the best for our blog 🙂

  • I also not a full time blogger as I have to give more commitment on my study. But yeahhh blogging does makes me more energize =)

  • Good luck Atheera ! Let's take blogging to next level and enjoy it to bits ! I now are trying to use the premade spreadsheet for blog as well !

  • its a lot easier using spreadsheet, previously i used to write down on my note book

  • agreed! its good to know when people are reading our own thought right?

  • which planner did you bought? I haven't bought any planner yet

  • i just finished organizing and deleting my old post. reading old writing is like 'heck did i write that?' haha
    planning and scheduling is up to you. i am just trying for the first month & i hope i did the right thing

  • i love all your entry! because i think we have similar interest macam buku, and korean drama! haha

  • good idea! i have also included any task, replying emails and comment in my spreadsheet now, so i have certain time to complete that and focus on writing hehe

  • Agreee, dgn tyra . Blogging is not an easy work . Nak mencari idea and write tue pun take time kan .

    Ok pasal google hold everything mcm takot je .

    Nway , good luck in blogging dear and this one is a good tips too . Maybe I can try to do it dor my blog too. Thanks for sharinggg ?

  • Your new blog layout looks so nice *heartemoji*

    I plan to migrate to wordpress (can't deny that reading erin's posts about her migrating process makes me want to) but I'm still on the fence about it tho

  • Can you show a bit of the spreadsheet? I always find this idea of few blogs but I have no idea how it looks like. T_T

  • i already showed a snippet of my spreadsheet on my latest entry, u can check that out. one day i will share it, bcs i am still adding some other important thing related to blogging

  • thank you!
    i have thought to leave blogger and start a wordpress account but i still didn;t do it. therefore for 2017 i hope i will make it happen

  • you are welcome.
    sekarang ni tengah carik info utk carik domain & hosting, & belajar cara nak migrate ke wordpress.
    thank you for the advice nadiah 🙂

  • For point number 2, I would like to recommend using OneNote, you can have different folder, categories under one roof 😀

  • okay i will check that out.
    thank you for sharing that!