My Night Skincare Routine

My Night Skincare Routine

Night skincare is important as your skin will ‘work’ during your sleep to improve the cells. When you go to bed with all the chemical substance plus with that oily residue on your face it will only cloak your pores and leave your face with skin impurities and will lead to breakout. That is why having a clean face and applying a moisturizer before you sleep is so important.

Maybe not all of you know that I wear makeup almost every day. Having a thick makeup is not easy to remove especially when I used waterproof mascara and eyeliner. On my previous young days I always skipped to remove all that foundation, eyeliner and all that stuff on my face because I am always lazy and tired. I will always sleep with that ‘dirty layer’ on my skin and of course skipping all the moisturizer on my face and having no regret at all.

Only then I became more protective with my skin. Having that clear and flawless skin is more important because your skin is the base layer you have before applying makeup. You can skip all that concealer when you don’t have acne spot.

Here let me share with you my night skincare routine

Step 1
Remove all that makeup with Banila Co Clean It Zero 

This step is so important for me. I have used lots of makeup remover and they usually did do their job to remove my eyeliner and mascara, but I will suffer the pain on my skin as they have alcohol in the remover. Banila Co Clean It Zero save my day and my skin! Just use a small amount of the product, rub and massage it over your face, especially on your eye area with makeup and your lip. Let it take out all of your makeup and then rinse with water. There you have a clean face with just a single step.

Banila Clean It Zero

Just see how this work

Banila Clean It Zero Test

Banila Clean It Zero Test

Banila Clean It Zero Test

Last step is to rinse with water. It takes off all the makeup on your skin

Banila Clean It Zero Test

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Step 2

Clean my face with Safi Rania Gold Gel Pembersih Wajah

Safi Rania Gold Gel Pembersih Wajah


I will always wash my face again so that I have that really clean face. This is to make sure all that dirt and oil have been remove. This cleanser is good with dry skin because it is in a gel texture, it won’t leave your skin with feeling flaky and dry.

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Step 3

Freshen my skin with Simple Soothing Facial Toner

Simple Soothing Toner


To bring back the PH of your skin, simply apply a toner. This time I am using one from Simple. Just apply with clean face cotton and rub it all over your skin. It will make your skin feel refreshed.

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Step 4

Hydrating my skin with Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

Been using this for almost 4 years now. Although this actually can act as a toner but I found this lotion works more than that. It makes my skin hydrate with few drops of the product in a few seconds. My skin become smoother and yeah goodbye dryness.

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Step 5

Skin Repair with Safi Rania Gold Serum Konsentrasi

Safi Rania Gold Serum Konsentrasi

I have added this extra step in my skincare routine because prevention is better than cure right. My skin isn’t getting younger. Preventing it from looking ‘kedut’ and covering all my visible pores is so vital for me.  This product helps to repair all the dead cells in my skin as well as toning my skin tone. I am still finding a good serum for my skin. Do you have any suggestion?


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Step 6

Moisturize with Safi Rania Gold Krim Pelembab Malam

Safi Rania Gold Krim Pelembap Malam


All day you leave your skin under the hot weather, and dry condition. Your skin will lose all its natural moisture and now it’s time to bring back the moisture, leaving your skin with plenty of moisture for the next day. It is a no-escape-step for me as I have dry skin and this cream do it jobs nicely.

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After completing all the step above now I am happy knowing my skin will be healthier the next day. I am still searching for good eye cream for my dark and wrinkle under my eyes.


Anyway, how is your night skincare routine?


Atheera Dayana