My Favourite Beauty Youtube Channel

My Favourite Beauty Youtube Channel

Hello girls!

Let’s be honest, I don’t spend lots of time watching TV, instead I watched lots of Videos on Youtube. I have been watching youtube for years (everyday) and lots of youtubers have become my inspiration. One of my favourite videos to watch is everyday makeup tutorial videos. So I have followed bunch of beauty gurus on Youtube and these are my favourite!

This is My Favourite Beauty Youtube Channel

Beautifymeeh 뷰티파이미

My Favourite Beauty Youtube Channel Beautifymeeh
I was so into Korean on my younger days. She is the first beauty youtubers I’ve known. I watched all her makeup tutorial videos including her son’s vlog. She just so pretty and look alike Jessica from SNSD (and Jessica is my bias). And her family still practice Korean culture eventhough they have been in the States for so long.

Recommended video for you to watch – JESSICA JUNG “FLY” Makeup Tutorial 제시카 메이크업 [한글자막]


My Favourite Beauty Youtube Channel The Beautybreakdown

Another Korean born youtubers that I adored! She is good with reviewing makeup product especially with Korean brands. She also gives lots of tips and information on shopping at Korea. Her videos help me a lot on deciding which and what to buy during my makeup haul in Seoul.

Recommended video for you to watch – Get Ready With Me: Valentine’s Day Date Night Makeup, Outfit, and Hair

From Head To Toe

My Favourite Beauty Youtube Channel From Head to Toe
This one is also a Korean born youtubers, but she was raised by an American family. She just a small girl with pretty smile. Now she have a baby girl named Aria and she is just as pretty like her mommy. She shared not only make up tutorials, but also haul, monthly favourites, and also makeup reviews.

Recommended video for you to watch – UPDATED EVERYDAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Too Faced PBJ Palette

PONY Makeup

My Favourite Beauty Youtube Channel pony Makeup
PONY got lots of talent in creating different makeup, from Taylor Swift inspired makeup to SIMS transformation makeup. Although she speaks Korean, but all her videos got English subs, so you can understand her.

Recommended video for you to watch – Gorgeous Mahogany Makeup (With subs) 고져스 마호가니 메이크업

Christina Rose

My Favourite Beauty Youtube Channel Christina Rose

The last one in my list is Christina Rose. She look just like Shay Mitchell. Her boyfriend look like Korean/Chinese I don’t remember and her video Boyfriend Does My Makeup was her first video I watched.

Recommended video for you to watch – Boyfriend Does My Makeup!

Now I realised all of my favourite beauty youtuber is someone related to Korea? Maybe I always look for tutorial that is suitable for my small eyes.

Who is your favourite beauty youtuber? Do leave any suggestion in the comment box below.


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  • I loved reading this post because just like you,I have an addiction towards youtube and spent years like everyday watching them. Currently I am more onto beauty stuffs and this post contains more korean beauty youtuber so I decided to give it a go since korean makeup is also nice !

  • I really love PONY makeup! she's so pretty and makeup dia tak over macam makeup mat saleh 🙂

  • kan Pony punye makeup simple je. i think because Korean technique of makeup tak sama dgn omputih tu kot

  • you should try korean makeup too! i always adored korean youtuber because their makeup is not heavy and easy to follow

  • wahhhh hampir semua korean youtuber! The Beauty Breakdown rasanya pernah tengok kot dulu video diia. hihi

  • oh i learn make up and more from these beauties as well. i enjoy jen and morgan vids. Oh kalau western saya selalu tengok tati. ^^

  • I watch shawl tutorial more than makeup but sometimes I like to watch Korean makeup tutorial too. Their makeup usually look natural .

    Nice sharing . Boleh tgk lah nanti apa yang Tyra share nie . =)

  • all of them not only shared makeup tutorial, ade video2 lain jugak yg best nak layan

  • i love jen and morgan vids! okay i will check out tati also

  • kalau dah minat korea tu rasenye semua banda pun nak korea je kann haha. i am so bias 🙂

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