December 2016 Round-Up and Current Favourite

The last month of the year 2016. I can’t wait for 2017 to say hello because this December had been so freaking tiring for me. Every ups and downs, even when I already expected or it happened suddenly will make me wiser and stronger. This is My December 2016 round-up and current favourite things.


My December 2016 round-up and current favourite


This month I have started to used a blog schedule and planner for my blog. I am still trying to find ideas to post for the upcoming month and planning to post two posts in a week.  Here is how my blog planner look like:-

Blog planner by atheera dayana

I deleted my disqus comment system as I did not find a way to import all my comment perfectly and I lost lots of new comment as well, so I stick with using the blogger comment system.

This time around I finished reading a malay novel – 7 Hari Mencintaiku. This story has made me cry for the whole last 200 pages. I am also currently reading Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi. Too sad that I did not get to complete the goodreads challenge to read 15 books this year, blame my busy schedule okay.


My Game of Thrones vibe still going on this month as I am now on Season 4. I am taking so long completing a TV series as I am also watching 7 Hari Mencintaiku (7HM) and also Goblin. 7HM end up last week and that mean I am no longer be seeing Shukri Yahaya on TV again, and I have to wait for his appearance on TV. But I recently found up that he will be acting on a film called Surf This Love but I don’t know when the film will release. I guess I will just watch his previous dramas if I miss him, keke.


My favourite songs of the month are:-



I also made a new playlist called You Once Loved This Songs. This playlist contains all my favourite Kpop Songs which I almost forgotten that previously I am so crazy about Kpop. All this songs are my personal favourite mostly are songs from SHINee, DBSK, KARA, Big Bang, Block B, Infinite and others.

I spend lot of time at home during weekend, doing my work. Yeah, sound boring. My work life s*ck up so much. I don’t even know if this will ever stop because I am not just tired but also fed up dealing with two-faced people at work. I am not showing my kindness anymore this time. Those person should learn a lesson that I am no longer a person who say yes to everything.

And also, I did my job appraisal this month. Still I am quite surprise they still using this method though we already implement a Key Performance Indicator for the year 2016. What is the used of job appraisal if the increment and bonus still the same every year? They are not going to give us extra bonus and higher increment if we did get 100 marks on the appraisal and performance. That is why lots of the senior staff just don’t give a damn to stay back because of the fact that the company won’t increase anything. We, the ‘underdog’ staff struggling and willing to sacrifice our time for the reason of not having any children and we can always have the time for work while the others with family can enjoy their day and weekday happily.

Life like this is simply like shit



I have learn so much this month thus I hope I won’t repeat the same mistake again. I need to be positive towards any challenges approaching ahead. I have so many plans next month which one of it is start prepping my meals so I will eat healthily. I have to start sleeping early again because I this month I didn’t and my body start to ache due to constantly sitting in front of computer from 8am till 11pm.


Since this is the last post of 2016, I have come out a random question to throw to myself so next time I can look back here and reflect.


Q1 – Three best moments this year?

#1 My trip to South Korea.

#2 All the time when I had delicious food in front of me.

#3 The moment when I got to own what I have been aiming for with my own money and hardwork.


Q2 – Things I glad is over?

My broken laptop. I am glad someone gave me her laptop so now I can write and blog easily.


Q3 – Great thing I learnt this year?

Do not text and drive. I accidentally hit a car while I was with my phone. So lesson learnt now. Never use your phone while driving.


Q4 – Something I achieved that I forgot to celebrate

I think there’s nothing to celebrate when I am satisfied with what I have encountered and survived this year. I survived from working stressfully, I survived eating bread all day because I spent all my money to shop, I survived an accident on which I thought I will get caught, what else?


Q5 – What I would tell myself so it won’t reappear next year?

Never be afraid to tell someone about how you feel. The best solution sometimes is communication between two people. I did a mistake by keeping my answer in silence so yeah I get the consequences.


Have you plan for the new year? What is your biggest moment of 2016?
Drop some comment and share your thoughts here

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  • Looking forward for your 2017 posts 🙂

  • I hope 2017 will be really nice to all of us 🙂
    There are lots of things happened in 2016 to keep as memories though. Ups and downs. Everything was just right ><

  • your blog planner looks so neat!

    you should put it in you rresources/freebies page so I can download it lol 🙂

  • My plans for 2017 are graduating in my bachelor degree, getting either permanent or temporary worker, have a saving of RM1.5k and travel abroad even in Thailand. Then my very big achievement and biggest moment in the year of 2016 is I buy my own new mobile using my own salary of working as an operator during last semester break. I really need to be more independent in getting money through my own effort =)

  • once you have a job, you will know how important money is. thailand is a good place. i love the beaches and hopefully i will travel to Bangkok hehe.
    hoping all the best to you!

  • i will try my best to post something exciting to read. thank you.

  • i agreed!
    hopefully we can still live in peaceful, have better exciting opportunities and make more fun blogging world

  • thank you.
    one day i will share it, don't worry.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us.
    Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.

  • That planning is so awesome! I shud give it a try. 😀 Happy new year tyra.

  • Oh tertggl pulak. Bestnyaaa tyra dah ada 2017 planned post. Nadia tak sempat buat pape pun about my blog . Nak visit blog sendiri pun tak ada masa sad . Balik penat tido . Esok bgn kerja balik kul 12 tgh mlm . Weekend rasa letih nak stay umah lay down je . Buka laptop pun tak nak sbb sakit mata dah . Tapi luckily hp ada . Curi masa jugak nie blogwalking . I really miss my blogger friends to do blogwalking and etc .

  • Tyraaaa, sedih lama nadia tak sempat sggh sini . Post tyra pun dah byk post tyra pasal trip korea pun nadia tak sempat baca lagi. My life is soooo pathetic now . I hate my job but I love my team .

    Dah lama nak tnya, tyra kerja bank jugak ke ? =)

    I agree too, trip to korea always the best kan kan .

    Happy new year , dear . *muax muax*

  • 'Do not text and drive'. Oh yes, we should not. T___T

    Anyway, thank you for sharing the spreadsheet 😀

  • Cantik dan kemas planner Atheera. Wish I can have one. Tapi siqah pemalas. Haha. Looking forward for your blog posts dear <3

    Tahun ni, siqah harap dapat beli laptop. Susahnya blogger tapi takde laptop sendiri 🙁 Dan saving money, less shopping (hope I can do it. Faham2 jela kalau dah nama wanita, haha),

    Hoping for a wonderful year for you dear <3

  • Tyra, I didn’t know you have moved to wordpress and I’m happy for you 😀
    seronoknya ada domain sendiri semua, hopefully, my turn to do it will come soon 😀

    Tyra, please don’t use phone while driving okay! 🙂

    and Happy New Year, Tyra! May 2017 bring more happiness to you <3

    • Thank you! I just only moved hehe.
      Rasa macam own something so special sbb kena buat semua sendiri.
      Hopefully your turn will come too!

      i will never used phone again, takut dah kot.

      Happy New Year Too! Do follow my new blog url ya ~~

  • Don’t sedih-sedih please. You can take your time. Tyra pun sekarang tgh sibuk re-arrange post lama balik.

    Jangan cakap cmtu…life is full of ups and downs, i love my job but i love my team. haha how, dah opposite than you kot ni.

    tyra bukan keje kat bank, tapi keje in construction ID industry

    Happy new year too!

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Well thank you. Nanti tyra share planner ni bile dah fully satisfied.
    Tyra pun nak laptop baru, but always simpan tapi last-last duit tu ke mana tah hehe
    I hope all of us have a wonderful year ! Thank you siqah !

  • Same. Balik penat jugak, Tapi I utilized masa weekend dgn sebaiknye.
    If penat better rest cukup-cukup. ada masa baru blogwalking.

    Take care tau, jangan stress-stress.

  • thank you!
    Happy new year yaww

  • Reminder for everyone!
    thank you for reminding me again hahaa

  • nurul afifah

    thats ashamed to work in such environment but you are so true that we just need to be more positive but at the same time don’t be too kind. but must be hard to say no to those “seniors”. your blogging schedule rock! i don’t know when i’ll be able to do such thing. or if i even want too. lulz. i’m a bit too spontaneous i guess.

    it’s lovely to still get to keep track with you even when you’ve changed to wordpress. Happy New Year!

    • Thank you! happy new year too ~~
      This year I dont want to be distracted by others character. i just need to focus on my job more.
      my ideas will come spontaneously too. but i am gonna list that ideas and save it so i can post regularly