South Korea Trip 2016 – Day 3 (Part 1) – Gangchon Rail Park

at Gapyeong Station

Annyeonghaseyo! We meet again for the 5th part of my South Korea Trip. If you haven’t read my previous South Korea trip post, here are the links.

Preparation – Part 1, Day 1 – Part 1, Day 2 – Part 1Part 2

South Korea Trip 2016 – Day 3 (Part 1)

Gangchon Rail Park

I am so excited for today exciting journey because I really wanted to try the rail biking experience. I watched from Running Man episode 144 watch here where all of them went so mad riding this. The subway from Dongdaemun Station to Gimyujeong Station will take us about 99 minutes and we do not want to miss the first course of the rail bike at 9.00am, so we leave so early in the morning, I think around 6.00am.

South Korea Trip - Subway Map

The Geongchun Line (light turquise color) is the line to get around Nami attraction places

Direction to Gangchon Rail Park – by subway to Gimyujeong Station, Gyeongchun Line (from Dongdaemun took 99minutes, 25 stations, and 2 times transfer)

Don’t get so confuse with the maps. I know the journey is quite here and there but once you find the signage at the subway, you won’t lose your way. I find it so interesting when finding our transfer line and exit and someone have to keep that on track.

You can refer to this subway website to get around Seoul. This site shows the exact time of arrival time of the subway and how much it cost.

We arrived at Gimyujeong station few minutes before the called for the first course to take the rail bike. We quickly bought our tickets and queue. There are a lot of local people at that time but we managed to fit in.

South Korea Trip - Gimyejeong Rail Park

Arrived at the rail park

South Korea Trip - Rail Park

Picture first then I am set to go

There are 2 courses you can choose which all routes start from different location. The 2 courses are:

  1. Gimyujeong Station course
  2. Gyeonggang Station course

And we choose Gimyujeong Station course which takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes (total of 8.5km). There are 2 types of bike you can choose; the 2-seater seat and 4 -seater seat.

South Korea Trip - Rail Bike

The rail bike look like this

Course Route

50 mins of rail bike + 20 mins break time at Transfer Station + 20 mins of romantic train ride
Hours 09:00 / 10:00 / 11:00 / 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00
Fee 2-seater: 25,000 / 4-seater : 35,000

This course have 3 sections, the first section is where we need to cycle for 50 minutes. We got to see breathtaking scenery along the way. I love the entire greenery scene and it was so refreshing. There are tunnel where ‘Gangnam Style’ was played.

South Korea Trip - Raibike Starting

lets go!

South Korea Trip - Scenery

So nice here!

South Korea Trip - Tunnel

to the tunnel

We arrived at the transfer station for a short 20 minutes break. There are shops that sell coffee and food there. At the stop, the view is what you need to appreciate. And that is why we got not enough time to buy anything there. Luckily we bring our lunch pack; which is sandwiches, just enough to alas perut.
South Korea Trip - Scenery
After the break, we took the romantic train for 20minutes; this is where paddling is not needed. The train stopped at Gangchon Station. From there, there are free shuttle buses to Gimyujeong station
I will end this here for now. This post so short, I know. Sorry! I will post soon including all the expenses I spend for Day 3.


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  • Will definitely refer to this when i'm going to go to korea again! xD

  • Tyraaaa gie tempat yang dalam running man tue kannnn . Bestnyaaa. Nie mcm kena gie Korea lagi nie nak explore different part of that country pulak .

    Keep on writing your Korea trip journey . Nak baca .

    Nadia pun tak habis lagi update my Korea trip . Hihi .

  • sure you can dear!

  • please update yours jugak Nadiah, nak baca! nak plan next trip ni hihi.
    yes ni tmpat running man. best sgt scenery!

  • Assalamualaikum atheera,

    First of all, I already bookmarked your blog as my favorite traveling blog for future reference. Secondly, setiap kali baca post you terasa saya berada di sana.. So inspiring untuk kumpul duit dan travel..

    Thanks for sharing & take care .. 😉

  • W'salam.

    thank you so much for reading my traveling post. i hope boleh bantu sesiapa yg nak travel. and i will try my best to share my experience with others

    tq <3

  • Yes. It helps.

  • I'm going there.
    Thank u for your entry.

  • you are welcome 🙂