South Korea Trip 2016 – Day 3 (Part 2) – Nami Island, Itaewon, Dongdaemun (Doota Mall)

at Gapyeong Station

South Korea Trip 2016 – Day 3 (Part 2)

 Nami Island

After we settled at the Rail Park, we took the free shuttle bus to Gimyujeong Station. From Gimyujeong station, we took the subway to Gapyeong station – where Nami Island situated at.

We were supposed to take the 10.40am subway but we missed it so we took the next subway instead, where the subway arrived 45 minutes later and that kinda waste our time of waiting. We waited for the subway while eating our sandwiches and re-planned our itinerary.

We decided to skip going to Garden of Morning Calm and straight go to Nami Island. We had studied the train schedule and bus schedule, there wasn’t enough time for us to reach Seoul by 4.00pm.

the shuttle bus schedule. I took this photo here (thanks to)

Direction to Nami Island – by subway to Gapyeong Station, Gyeongchun Line, then take the shuttle bus to Nami Island

Shuttle Bus Fees
Adult 15,000(round-trip) / 7,500(one-way)
Child 13,000(round-trip) / 6,500(one-way) / ※ Child: aged between 24 months and 12 years

You can see the bus stop in front of the subway main door

Upon arriving Gapyeong station, you can see a bus stop where you can take the shuttle bus. The busses will leave accordingly as the bus schedule. The fees to Nami Island cost 8,000 won for foreigner (you need to present your passport when purchasing the tickets). You can choose to take the ferry to get to Nami Island or you can challenge yourself to take the zipwire. We took the ferry which took us around 5 minutes to reach Nami Island.

Welcome to Nami Island

Daring enough to try this?

Nami Island is one of the tourist attraction in South Korea, which located outside of Seoul. It has different sceneries during each season. There are lots of trees, the famous and beautiful tree called Metasequoia tree, Gingko tree (it coloured so ‘autumn’-ly when we were there), and the pine tree.

Trees everywhere

Popular spot to take photos

Every photographer will enjoy taking photos here

Apa kabar?


We just sit there at the Gingko tree to take photos and walk around (not so far inside because there were so many people) and leave Nami at 2.00pm. Again you need to take the ferry and the shuttle bus to move around to the next location. Since we are going back to Seoul, we took the bus from the opposite road from the road we arrived before to get to Gapyeong Station.


Our next location is Itaewon, to get some Halal food. So hungry at that time so we need some rice and meat! Haha. During the subway ride which took around 1 hour 30 minutes, I just slept, so non-productive haha.

Direction to Itaewon – by subway to Itaewon Station line 6 exit #3

From the exit we walked straight till there’s Mr Kebab on the right, and make a right turn, the road we took was on the hillside, so much adventure going on to get food at this time. Take a left turn when there’s a junction. There are lots of halal restaurant on both left and right side. You may choose any, but I do not know which one will satisfy you more. We only went to eat here for 2 times.

We choose to have our dinner at Makan Restaurant. We was introduced to this restaurant by a Malaysian girl named Afiqah which we met when we were finding which restaurant. Luckily we met her because she was on the way to Makan Restaurant and she works there!

Variety of Korean food to choose

Our meals

After dinner, we stopped at Itaewon Mosque to perform solat.

Mural wall along the way to Itaewon Mosque

Itaewon Mosque

Arirang shop, Doota Mall

After that, we went to Doota Mall in Dongdaemun to get some souvenir.

Direction to Doota Mall – by subway to Dongdaemun Station (line 1 or 4), exit# 8

Dongdaemun at night

Arirang shop sell lots of souvenir. If you are finding a one stop to buy things for your beloved one back in your country and don’t want to walk around Seoul (aka malas) you can just stop by here. I bought a lot of things here, gila dah kot beribu-ribu won habis haha.

Arirang shop, Doota Mall

This shop sells the basic souvenir such as fridge magnet, key chains, bookmark, nail clipper, I love Korea tshirt, Korean cutlery, Korean socks, Kpop group calendar, food (seaweed, banana milk, biscuit, etc), pen, mirror, traditional paper fan and others. The workers there can speak malay, You can ask anything you want. Good thing about this shop is, they will provide you with hand carry bag to put all the stuff you bought so you don’t need to worry to store all of that inside your luggage (make sure you have sufficient weight to check-in your luggage).

After that, we walked around to locate the Cheonggyecheon stream, which wasn’t so far from Doota Mall. Unfortunately there wasn’t any stream with beautiful lights when we was there. We walked all the way down the stream. We assumed the ‘lights’ was already over at that time. So sad, tired and frustrating. We went ‘gila’ kejap sitting at the roadside trying to calm ourselves. And we went straight back home.

Moral of the story of this day is…………we need to come here again. Even not on this trip, maybe later. There are few places I need to explore – Cheonggyecheon stream, the Garden on Morning Calm and Petite France.

That is the e.n.d of Day 3.

Total expenses of Day 3 – Gangchon Rail Park, Nami Island, Makan Restaurant Itaewon, and Dongdaemun. Total are not including the souvenir I bought.

Total cost of the souvenir I bought at Dongdaemun Doota Mall (Arirang shop) for you reference

More to come on the 4th day in Seoul. So please be patient okay. Thank you for reading!

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  • Alaaa atheera, kenapa skip Garden of Morning Calm? Lawa sangat tempat tu. Kalau siqah suka Garden daripada Nami nanye ? btw, Makan restoran memang sedap! Kat situ, boleh hentam kimchi banyak2. Sedap dan owner kedai pun baik je ?

  • Boleh jadi panduan untuk Cik Nur ni, mana tahu ada rezeki nak pergi melawat negara orang…

  • Sebab dah tak sempat 🙁 Okayyyy next time I will make sure pergi situ. Nami macam dah takyah singgah sebab takde pape sgt. Makan restaurant totally recommended, Sedap!

  • Insyaallah, satu hari nanti. jangan putus asa 🙂

  • Whoa, now is so easy to find halal korean food in korea. When I was there few years ago, there's no halal korean restaurant yet. You are so lucky to go at the right time!

  • wahhh, best pegi Nami Island 😀 makin teringin nak pegi sana next year xD

  • pegi2, leh feeling winter sonata

  • lucky at Itaewon got lots of Halal food. i am still searching for good halal food at Korea

  • Rindunya dekat korea. Xpuas jalan hari tue. Nak kena repeat lg nmpknya

  • ohmy bestnya jalan koreaaa. bawak balik TOP Bigbang please 😉

  • tapi claudy plan pegi time spring hehe. bulan 4/5 hehe

  • Kalau jumpe dan bawak balik dah lama dh buat kot haha

  • jom la repeat lagi. hari tu pegi pn memang tak puas

  • Yeah!!!! Makan restaurant tue mmg sedap . Suka kedai tue . Aah seperti Siqah bgtau di atas , Garden of Morning Calm tue lagi lawa dari Nami Island . Tak pe tak pe . There will be always next time . Hihi …

    Huwaaa~ rindu korea . Tyra gie Korea redah sendiri kan ? Tak amik travel agent kan ?

  • tak amik travel agent, baru adventure plan sendiri gittew.
    next time Garden of Morning Calm is a must!
    hehe thank you!

  • Kannnn, explore sendiri lagi best sbnrnya. Nadia gie first time dgn siqah kitaorag amik tourist guide agak expensive lah . Tapi 2nd time gie redah sendiri much more adventure jugak lah tapi dah tahu nak makan apa sbb previous tourist guide dah ajar kan. So , ada advantage skit di situ . Hihi

  • owh nadia pegi ngan siqah..bestnye! korang memang dah lama kenal ke?
    omg dah pegi korea 2 kali? sure u lagi byk experience, next time boleh la i tnya u