How I started my blog #tyratalktime

Hello again! Now I’m getting serious to post frequently that I even made a schedule so that each week my blog won’t be empty with new posts. Since my whole Monday till Friday is full with work hmm guess what I even talk about my work after office hour even it is not officially doing ‘work’, well office gossip can also considered as work because it is still related to work haha (you get what I’m saying?) That is why I’m telling myself that I should write on the weekend. Do not waste time sitting at the corner thinking what to eat je.

Before I loaded with all the heavy post, I realized that I should share about this blog; main thing about blogging is you should get used to tell your readers your story.

And here are my story on how I started my blog

I tried not to remember the day when I posted my first ever blog post on blogger. It was on 23rd September 2009. I was 20 years old – 7 years before. See I started quite late. Nowadays there a lots of young blogger, they started earlier than me. Everyone can open up a blog as long you have computer or laptop (and of course internet connection).

To flashback on how I first started knowing blogger is not easy. Haha I could not recall how I did but I was interested with the pretty layout they made on blogskin, so I started creating one. My first blog name was ‘athrapinkyelf’. So not fun. Try to pronounce it correctly if you could. I spend so much time editing my blog, it was my hobby. I even help my blog friends to edit their blog. Back then it was different in terms of my blog friend list and how we followed each other blog. It always started with ‘please mention me in the chatbox if you want to be in my friend list’. And then taraa your name in my friend list.

I remember I was aiming all the kpop fans around the world. We shared our kpop biases art work. Remember back then ‘icon, banner, twitter header, twitter background, gifs’ was so popular. I learnt to do photoshop and shared all my graphics on my blog.

I also did lots of sharing of the latest news of Kpop idols (most post I deleted because idek why I am so emotional about favourite idols). My blog traffic doing quite good and I even cash out my nuffnang money. That keep me motivated to share a lot more till I quietly stopped writing like I used to. Early this year make me realized that I should write again.

The blogger community nowadays change differently. I see lots of blogger posted so many fun and intellective topic which I enjoyed so much. As I am trying to build back my blogging platform with much more educational post, I realized it wasn’t as easy as before. I did all the important things on ‘how to grow your blog bigger and how to increase blog traffic’ like having good post and titles and include with photo, improve my search engine, read and comment on other blog and others. I also did buy a responsive template for my blog. Then I realize, I should write more often. This is what I am not doing.

So buckle up Tyra, you never got to achieve something higher if you don’t do more.

Till then. Thank you for reading. If you want me to share anything else you may comment down below.


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  • haha i remember ur old blog template was so full with cool kpop graphics. ^^

  • hi 😀 happy blogging. done followed u

  • good luck dear ! Can't wait to see more from you . Just followed you here 🙂

  • Oh ya . One thing I need to improve too . Trying to update my blog frequently . I guess I lacked of that too.

  • U started blogging quite young dear . I've just started blogging back in 2014 . Why I started blogging because my late dad convinced me to share with people through writing . At first, I don't have a guts to started blogging because I'm afraid people don't like my writing . Or I've shared a contents which can hurt some people etc . But , truthfully I love sharing . So that's a short story how I started blogging .

    Blogging fun though . Plus , we get new friends who have the same interest . Right ?

    Keep blogging dear . Love your writing too. =)

  • I also started blogging because I'm interested in blogskin's template. Hehe

  • thank you dear 🙂

  • until now pun same, nak blog nampak cantik je

  • hahha really? SO shy hihi that was only a temporary hobby of mine back then

  • thank u nadiah. sometimes we need to write comfortably so that other people can relate with us.
    thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  • yaaa..lets do it together!

  • thank you!

  • I started blogging when I was 20 too. Heee. 5 years back. Dah banyak remove post zaman kanak kanak dah. Tak ingat macam mana boleh start blogging. Tapi masa tu ramai classmate ada blog. Pastu minat sangat kat Dr. Fatin Liyana, our famous blogger masa tu.

  • hi.
    zaman kanak kanak lagi. rasa macam kita lambat matang. sekarang ni ramainye yg dah pandai blogging. oh ya dr fatin liyana, macam inspiration kot

  • good luck dear. i started blogging quite late at my 33yo 🙂

  • Sekarang memang dah lain sangat-sangat, rasa lost sebab semua dah lain and everyone dah tak active and even quit blogging. Now tengah nak start balik. Btw baru follow blog sis 🙂

  • Whoahhhh. I got ur point. I was plannning to update my blog frequently but yes sometimes mental blocking hit me well. So i ve no idea to update about what. Nice write up sis tyra 🙂
    Im following u now ? #326

  • it never too late to start something good right?

  • this time kena pandai carik blogger yg active. yes yg dulu2 pnya dah quit or mybe bukak blog baru.
    tq wana ~

  • when i got the 'feel' to write, i won't stop writing. thats why i always list the topic i am interested so later i just need to pour my ideas.

    btw,thank you 🙂