Sorry and Do Not Leave Me

 Assalamualaikum and hi dear readers,

This is a sorry post to you all because I didn’t post for months. Partly because, one, my laptop broke down but still I can use office PC but I didn’t because I don’t have much time to sit and relax and think on what to write. Number two is because I have been busy with my next trip. Yes. I’m going for a trip soon. I mean in next week! In less than 7 days! *scream*
This long awaited trip will be traveling with my other 3 friends, without any tour agent, all plan and preparation are done by me and my group. I have been planning the itinerary since last 2 months and still we are in discussing. Lots of things we need to consider but it didn’t stress me out because I am so excited.
I will share with you my exciting journey (hopefully it goes as what we plan). Again I am so sorry I didn’t write regularly and I didn’t read any of blogs.  I hope I don’t lost anymore followers (I see that my number of followers decreases, sobs).
Look forward for my next post please – I will be sharing on what I pack in my carry on luggage and other preparations.
See ya soon lovelies!

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  • Have fun! Where are you going? 🙂

  • I'm not leaving you. Dont worry dear 🙂 Have fun and take care! 🙂

  • Lama betul hilang sis. hahahaa Yeah same goes to claudy! Nak pegi mana tu? Anyway take care and HAVE FUN !!!!

  • please stay tune k

  • thank you! tak sedar pun dh lame hilang, tetiba je rase mase cepat berlalu

  • thank you, muah ciked <3