What’s in My Bag

I am going to share with you whats in my bag because why not right?

Salam and hello everyone! I am going to share with you what’s in my bag because why not right? Haha. I loved to see how others keep their bag organized and see what cute stuff they have. Busy body kan.

Well, here goes my personal bag and what’s inside it

I am using Longchamp Neo in medium size, which I think is big enough to store all my items, because I can just put everything I need including any A4 file or paper inside since I only used this bag everywhere I go. This bag is a life saver because I don’t have to worry for not having enough space.

I love my longchamp handbag

This is how my bag looks inside. As you can see, there’s no compartment inside the bag therefore I used an organizer bag to keep all my items so that it won’t get messy and it is easier to find my item whenever I need them.

Normally I will only put these four bag inside; make up bag (black and white bag), purse (black color), small pouch to put my keys (pink pouch) and organizer bag to put anything else (maroon bag).

Close up on my key pouch and purse
My organizer bag

The above picture is how my organizer bag looks like. I stuff my other stuff and my makeup bags inside the center compartment as you can see. Let’s see what inside my organizer bag.

Tadaaaa. Haha this is what I put inside it. I have tissue paper and wet tissue, lotion, oil bloating film, office keys, aromatherapy oil, earphone, pendrive and perfume.

Lotion by the body shop
Oil control fim by Oxy
This oil is good for headache
Current perfume by Dexandra. I’m using Gucci’s Flora

Next is my make up bag. I bring quite a lot of makeup because sometimes I do my make up when I reach the office. I have my hair tie and elastic for my braces, pins (you never knew when you need it), hand sanitizer and other make up stuff.

Overall view
Mirror, hand sanitizer and moisturiser inside the white container
Eyebrow pencil from The Face Shop and Eyeline from Maybelline
Face powder from Pixy and eyeshadow from Catrice
Blush from Maybelline and blush brush; I never like to use the blush applicator provided
Lipstick. From MAC, NYX & In2it

Sometimes I do put medicine when I’m not feeling well, Ipad andbooks if I feel like reading outside. There are space left if I want to put other things.

That’s it guys, my everyday bag. I hope you enjoy reading, thank you!

Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana