How to Rock Black Top and Black Pants

How to Rock Black Top and Black Pants

Black tees, blouse and pants are so easy to match for me. Have a pair for those than I have no more complain about what to wear.  My colleague aka also my friends always say ‘oii, hitam lagi’ haha. Whatever, because black outfit is easy.  I don’t care if I don’t have flashy or bright colour outfit because when I wear them, I feel that is not me.

Black outfit can be boring, I know. But when you know how to work it, then you are the ‘queen’ haha. I am not a fashionable person. I wear what I feel comfortable and simple.

Let’s take a look for black outfit that is so wearable for me not only for casual look but also for a business look.

Have a pair of comfy black jeans or pants then top it with plain blouse and baggy shirt or even a plaid t-shirt.

For more business look, an outfit for most of my working days. When you have plenty of black blouses, just mix them with nice fitted pants, either it is just plain or you can mix it with printed pants.

Going for all black? You are good to go. You also can top it with pair of jacket, blazer, cardigan or long kimono.

Lastly, wear a black top and pair with your favourite jeans. Classy right.

Atheera Dayana