6 Tips to Manage Your Time

What need to be done need to be done. I have to maximize all the time I have. In order to do that, I have set up plans to bring the game on.

As not all of you all know, I’ve only been working for 3 years but I feel like I’ve been working forever! People close to me knew that I always tend to put my work first. Sometimes I would cancelled a date or not be available in a meet, duh name it. It was never easy for me to choose between my job and my personal life when I’m at the stage where I need to impress my boss for a better increment and bonus next year.



Do you know how it feels when your body is so tired over the working days? When Friday hit, that is when I bring back my ‘ordinary’ life. I’m just a teenage girl who love to ‘lepak’, watch movie or just laying on my damn precious bed. Life oh life. Oh I mean, WORK oh WORK.

I don’t hate my job. But right now I’m in the situation where I need to complete a lot of things in a certain period of time while I am shorthanded. The company doesn’t want to hire a replacement for the previous resigned staff. So all jobs under her put on me! Doing 2 jobs at the same time is not easy. That’s when I say ‘reality hit me so hard’. I say reality because the real situation when your boss know that you can handle it so what’s the point of hiring a new one? But I couldn’t blame my boss and management because well I don’t have the power.

To not accept this is not my choice since I plan to stay long here. Talk to my manager? Done that! She can only help me to plan my task. But still what need to be done, need to be done even you have to cut your neck. That’s why I sacrifice my non office hour time. Time is crucial for me. While I need to complete my task before the deadline, I need time to plan everything when suddenly an impromptu task or sudden meeting come.

What need to be done need to be done. I have to maximize all the time I have. In order to do that, I have set up plans to bring the game on.

Here are my top tips on how to help you manage your time.

1.       Plan and set up priorities

Thne first key is to create a to do list. Write down all the task that need to be done within a day, week or month. From here you can always know how the weightage of your job is. Don’t skip any job to do for the day when you have extra time. Always complete urgent task first. What if everything is urgent? This is when your mindset come in place. Calm yourself and set your mind ‘you can do it’

2.       Set up routines

When you have your master plan, you can set up your routines. For example, I always take one hour after I come in and one hour after lunch to reply emails, so that it won’t interrupt my concentration when I completing my main task. Do not let unnecessary things come in your way.

3.       Never be ashamed to say no to group lunch

This can be hard for you to do especially when is ‘makan’ time. I know it’s hard for you to not join your other colleague for lunch, but trust me the one-hour lunch time in the office save me a lot, especially time. I packed my lunch, ate it within half an hour while watching my tv series, the extra time I used to relax myself. Time is precious, don’t waste on thing that doesn’t worth your time.

4.      Give yourself a break

Never over work. But give yourself your best every time. Always have a balance your personal life, I spend at least an hour before bed to read a book or read some friend post.

5.      Always compete with yourself

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Always remember that you have your own talent. You have everything you need to accomplish anything in your life. Stop comparing with each other and appreciate the contribution of others.

6.       Be positive and smile

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”- Anthony de Mello

Do not let yourself living in a painless life. Be positive. Hard life always come to make yourself stronger. Take it slowly and be proud for the things that you have become now.

I still have a long journey. I always remember to complete my job as a habit rather than a pressure to myself. Do not be afraid to make mistake and remember, once a failure won’t determine your future.


Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana