5 Reasons Why You Should Do Things Yourself

When you have no choice and you need to do everything on your own at your own time, It’s extremely a good experience to do things yourself. Here's why.

Hello readers.

Last week, my friend rang on me asking what my plan is later on. I told her I need to go to the supermarket to get groceries. She was like ‘really, by yourself?’

Huh? Yes? Why not? I normally will go to the supermarket alone. It’s not like I don’t want anyone to accompany me but I have to go because that is what I always do. So that is nothing pelik if I go alone. Maybe you find it weird when I tell you I can watch movie alone if no one is free to watch with me. I can have my lunch or dinner outside alone if I have too. When you have no choice and you need to do everything on your own at your own precious time, why delay right? Maybe I enjoy being myself. Is that wrong?

It’s extremely a good experience to do daily task alone or you can say independently. One thing sure, you can set everything at your own time without rushing or waiting. When you are alone, you have the leisure to take your time, make choices and think rationally. If you go out for shopping with your friends you tend to get influence from them. You might end up buying unnecessary things because well they bought it too, as in my experience at least. Shopping with friend is a great way to change opinion and they can provide better suggestion, but you are in control of your own cash. Therefore, you have to be independent in making the decision.

I love doing things own my own, that doesn’t mean I have no friend. Being independent doesn’t mean you are lonely. It means that you are capable of taking care of yourself. You have to take care of yourself before anyone else. Many people enjoy and choose being alone.

Are you like me? Well maybe if you are not, here are reasons why you should do things yourself.

1. You have the authority to entertain yourself

You can do whatever you want without any one interrupting you, however long you feel like doing. You can focus on aiming what you want and no pressure.

2. You become more independent

Over the time, you will be more independent by doing thing yourself and would not depend on others. For example, once you learn to cook, you can cook whatever you want.

3.You can control your emotion

Being like me, I will normally be away from people if I’m in a not good mood. You don’t have to show your tantrum in front of others and create a scene. When you are alone, it is the best way to solve problem by understanding the problem first. This way you can meditate and find a way to solve it.

4. You create your own inner peace

You can control your feeling by doing things you like. Unlike when you have to be with someone you are uncomfortable with. When you are by yourself, you never have to apologize for any of your thoughts and feelings. This is the way you can push away all thoughts you have for the people who annoys you.

5. Get more things done

When you have lots of things to do, this is when you should spend time by yourself completing it. Whenever you feel tired, you can take a rest a while as long as you aware of your schedule.



It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company.

There is nothing wrong if you are unable to hang out with your friends. It doesn’t make you a loser. I feel that in some circumstances, I would rather be in my own company. I also agree that sometimes I need to go out and have some fun.


Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana