Try On Spicy Korean Noodle

Are you a foodie? Do you like spicy food? Do you like instant noodle?This is the

Do you like spicy food? Do you like instant noodle? Have you ever tried the famous Korean Spicy Noodle? Well, this is my personal thought of this noodle.

After such a long days now I’m back with a new post to share with you. Anyone notice something new in my blog? Hehe. I’m so happy with the new look of my blog now (after so much time I spend and ((study too). Now I can concentrate to blog. Because I’m the type who think that if my blog layout and design haven’t been set like the way I wanted, I couldn’t focus on writing my post (muahaha).

Now I’m trying to start off again with not-so-serious writing, although in my head I had a lot to share with you all. I hope you enjoy this one.

My Thoughts on Spicy Korean Noodle

What is this actually? It looks like the normal ‘maggi goreng’ right? This noodle is also known as :


Super Spicy Chicken Noodles Korean Noodle BULDAKBOKEUM / Samyang

The name said it. SUPER SPICY. I was so excited when my mom bought this last week because I want to try this so badly. I’ve watched lots of youtuber try to eat this, I couldn’t believe their reaction when they said this is too spicy for them. That’s why I want to try this myself. Hence, I spoke to mom, so my mom bought it the next day.

My opinion :-

In the making : It was easy to cook this as there’s an instruction behind the packet. You just need to boil the noodle until the water dry, then put in the sauce and spices (idk? it says seaweed?). The noodle itself is thick (not like the normal maggi) and comes in good amount to make you full.

Texture : The noodle was in a good soft eatable texture

Taste : It doesn’t taste like indo maggi goreng. Maybe because it doesn’t use oil. Before you eat it, you can already smell the ‘spicyness’ (so yes I was sniffing)

Spicyness : It is spicy. But those who were like me who can eat spicy food, you can finish this without a long pause (like my mother & brother did) and can easily finish this in 10 minutes.

Overall : So far I’ve eaten 2 packets of this, not including I finish my mother’s one too. Some would rather say no more after the first try, but to me, I really like the how spicy it is and I can take it.

It makes me think, what the hype about this. Other people eat this till you can see their eyes watering. But other people are different from you. As well as our taste buds. Not all people can take hot and spicy food, if you can’t take it, don’t force yourself.

Have you tried this? Do you like it?

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  • been looking for it tapi tak dapat dapat lagi :'D I am one of the fans of eating spicy food too.. so hope that Im gonna enjoy it instead of tak tahan makan like others hehe

  • boleh beli dekat aeon supermarket, sape yg suka pedas akan suka ni sebab puas hehe

  • Sedap kan! Kita dah try tapi taktahu pulak boleh habiskan dalam bape minit hehe

  • sedap! klu mkn lambat lagi terasa pedas nye

  • Sedap! Haritu pernah makan sekali je. Tak puas rasanya. Hehehe

  • kalau teringin tu boleh la makan, nak makan hari2 tak elok sgt

  • Me too! Spicy lover.. ☺ Habis kan tanpa minum air, yes i did it..Makan ramen ni macam "hantu"..Nak & nak..Sebab kepedasan dia nikmat sangat.. ☺

  • I love spicy foods too ! 😀

  • aahhh i couldn't find this samyang in my city! sad 🙁

  • kalau harganya murah, hari2 rasa nak makan

  • You should try this!

  • oh, maybe later on you can find in your city, have u tried buying online?

  • sedap! dah makan. pedas tu yang menambah selera. kalau pedas, susah nak muak. tapi harga sumpah mahal T.T