My Favourite TV Series (You Couldn’t Have Missed)

I thought of sharing my own favourite tv series and maybe I can hook you up to some of the show.

This time I am in my world of watching my favourite tv series. With a laptop and a cup of tea laying on my bed with my favourite pjs. Nah-ah that’s only what I imagine it to be. Now I rarely watch any tv series, but for the past few days I started to re-watch one of my favourite tv series and I couldn’t stop watching.

Many of you here I surely agree, you watched tv series most of your free time, and you surely have your own favourite one. I thought of sharing my own favourite tv series and maybe I can hook you up to some of the show.


This series is so far my all-time favourite. I remember watching this show every week. This show full of teenager struggling life of growing up, love story, finding path, chasing dreams with interesting art and music. This show full of relatable character and good plot.

Favourite Character : Brooke Davis


Seth Cohen character melts me as well as Ryan Atwood character. Seth is the nerdy boy who loves comic who so into Summer Roberts. Meanwhile Ryan is a troubled teenager with (sexy abs, ehem). There was so much drama going on here. Everyone had lovers, everyone had problem and nothing impossible in the Orange County.

Favourite Character : Seth Cohen


As I grew up, I realize I am more into action-crime-thriller-horror type of person. So there you can see why I love Prison Break. The fact that suddenly I love building structure, I love seeing criminals, I as well feel like I want to live in prison. So much controversy going on with this show, I am still hoping they will continue this series.

Favourite Character : Michael Scofield



Pretty girls living with so many secrets. So many suspense scene made me keep watching this till I feel like giving up. I googled so many hint and clues to find out who is A and still this show keep twisting up. Pretty heavy show for me but I won’t stop till I found out who is the Big A.

Favourite Character : Caleb (because he is a hunky)



Another teenage drama series that I love. I didn’t get to finish this show while the show is airing. So hence I am re-watching this. I get hooked up with mostly because of their high end lifestyle and all the events they attend.

Favourite Character : Blair Waldorf


This series taught me about having a good relationship with my family and growing up as a student. Watch this halfway though. I have this series on my list to watch before special show of Gilmore Girls will be showing soon on Netflix.

Favourite Character : Rory


I just started to watch this series. So many characters to remember, unpredictable scene, death, blood, war, and costumes. This show have so many beautiful shots it is so insane.

Favourite Character : Jon Snow

Couldn’t agree more with my list? What is your My Favourite TV Series?

Atheera Dayana
Atheera Dayana